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The ultimate mathematical tool!!!

Tested and approved by Mathematical Scientists worldwide,MathPrecious is the best mathematical app for your iPad and iPhone.It works WITHOUT internet connection,plus no flaws and no additional costs for in-app purchases like others!

It contains:
1)Scientific Calculator:
The most easy to use scientific calculator ever with a beautiful graphic environment...It has many memory variables and stores three operators. Do all your advanced mathematical calculations and you will be amazed by its functionality!!!

2)Integrals Calculator:
Function Integrator for SINGLE or DOUBLE definite integrals.
With this app you can find easily any single or double integral you want !!!
Just type the function and the limits and click Calculate...that simply!!!
It also contains a HANDBOOK with the most common integrals,so you can find immediately the formula you want.

3)Point differentiation:
With this app you can easily find the first four derivatives of a function at a chosen input value.
Just type the function and the input value.It's so easy...
It also contains a HANDBOOK with the most common derivatives,so you can immediately find the formula you want.

4)Matrices Calculator:
With this app you can easily do calculations with matrices !!! You can add,subtract,multiply matrices or find the transpose of a matrix.
Matrices Calculator can handle matrices with very long dimensions.
Very easy to use!!!

5)Normal Distribution:
It calculates the area beneath the Normal curve.
It's very useful to math students or engineers who need to find tail probabilities without having a Normal distribution table at hand.

MathPrecious DOESN'T need internet connection!!!
It's very useful for students and engineers or anyone who wants a powerful mathematical app...


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