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Locked USB Drive - USB Transfer and Protect Your Folder

Locked USB Drive - USB Transfer and Protect Your Folder

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✔ Do you find it frustrating that iPhone /iPod Touch only support a limited selection of file formats?
✔ Would you like to be able to read your PDFs or Word documents wherever you happen to be?
✔ Wouldn't it be great if you were free to store and play audio and videos without having to use iTunes?
✔ Don't you sometimes wish you could read your TXT format novels on your iPhone?
✔ Wouldn't you feel more secure if you could store your files in password protected folders?
✔ Want to be able to unzip email attachments?

Then "Locked USB Drive" is the app for you! "Locked USB Drive" brings all the conventional functions of file management and browsing to your iPhone /iPod. You can store your documents, images, audio, videos and other files in your iPhone /iPod, and browse them on it with ease.

✔ 4 Transfer Methods

(1)- WiFi: No data line, no OS limit, and no need to install additional applications on your desktop PC. All you need is an ordinary web browser in order to connect via WiFi to your iPhone for file uploads or downloads. No more worries about frequent data cable use shortening your battery's natural lifespan. Batch uploads are also supported.

(2)- USB: No need for Internet connection. iPhone data line and iTunes are enough to transfer files.

(3)- Online virtual disk: You can exchange files with Dropbox, iDisk (MobileMe), GoogleDocs, etc. by using a unified interface, and manipulating remote files as if they were local. Batch uploads and downloads are also supported.

(4)- Email: Not only can you send your files as email attachments, but you can also open the email attachments you receive. What's more, zipped attachments can be unzipped. (Select an attachment, and then select the “Open As ...” menu)

✔ Reading and Audio /Video Playback

- Built-in video and audio player with playback resume function.
- Built-in multiple document readers that let you pick up where you left off last time.
- Built-in TXT reader specially designed for reading TXT format novels over a long period of time, where text font and color etc. can be changed.
- Built-in dedicated image viewer, allowing you to browse easily through your favorite images.
- Audio can be played in the background, even in standby mode, making a significant saving on battery life.
- The system playback control buttons can be used to control audio playback
- The screen can be locked in landscape or portrait mode during reading.

✔ File Manipulations

- Zip/Unzip
- Supports folder creation, and allows you to assign an access password to each folder.
- You can work with multiple files at any one time, perform batch deletions, copy, paste, compression, uploads etc.
- Images can be taken or imported from the album and stored as files
- Videos can be recorded or imported from the album and stored as files
- You can enter texts which can be saved as files and edited
- Convenient search function. After entering keywords, the relevant files are rapidly located.
- When searching Chinese file names, you can enter the Chinese Pinyin directly from the English keyboard, without switching between input methods!
- Recently viewed files are easily found
- Files can be exchanged with other applications using the “Open As ...” menu
- Files can be shared easily to Facebook and Twitter

✔ File Protection

You can create multiple folders, and set passwords for them if necessary to store your private files.

(Warning: Password-protected folders transferred via USB can be accessed on a desktop PC without the password)

✔ Supported File Formats

"Locked USB Drive" can directly open the following file types: (other unsupported formats can still be stored or transferred to other applications)

Video: MP4, MPV, M4V, 3GP, MOV
Audio: MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, CAF
Text: HTM / HTML, TXT...

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