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LOCK SCREEN is the MOST ELEGANT Lock Screen IMAGE CREATOR in the App Store. Now With Calendar Event Listings, IF FOUND Text, Weather Forecasts, 7-Day Calendar, Custom Color/Photo Backgrounds and native iOS style on your lock screen without Jail-breaking your iOS device. Impress your friends, Download TODAY! (★Not Automatic - See Below)

#44 PAID APP OVERALL IN U.S. (Thank You!)

★★ PLEASE NOTE ★★: Due to current Apple RESTRICTIONS, users must MANUALLY update their lock screen image after saving or updating from reminder alert which only takes a few seconds. In the future, as soon as Apple allows developers to overwrite the lock screen wallpaper, we will update the Lock Screen for you automatically in the background. For now, this App is a Lock Screen "Creator" not a Live-Active Lock Screen "Manager". Apple will not allow. We have always disclosed this fact. Some reviewers are giving us 1-star because they did not read this very clear disclaimer.

(If you don't want to update daily, you can turn off weather forecast under settings and use the IF FOUND text feature alone with beautiful photos to set one time and forget.

What users are saying about Lock Screen:

★ "This is the best lock screen app ever!"

★ "A very clean design & super useful. The developer(s) also listen to & incorporate user feedback! Highly recommended."

★ "I love this app it makes your lock screen look really good although you have to manually set it each day it's not that much of a problem I just think of it as an investment for when apple allows this sort of thing to be live great work guys"

★ "Read the description before buying and understand it's not the devs fault. Apple won't allow devs to manipulate the lockscreen. This creates an image to use as your lockscreen wallpaper, plain and simple."

★ "This app saved my ipod cuz i left it at a swim meet and my ipod was saved! it is totally worth it!! :)"

★ "I will let all my friends and family know about this wonderful app and encourage them to get it. I will give it five stars."

COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE (Enable or Disable Each Item)

1) Start with our custom IF FOUND, PLEASE RETURN text. Your Name, Your Alternate Number. Protect your iOS investment even in Airplane Mode and when device is password locked!

2) Add a 7-Day calendar. Easily remember dates and days of the week! The most accessible calendar you will ever use right there on the front of your locked iPhone or iPod touch.

3) Add a complete 7-Day Weather Forecast for your current GPS location OR enter any zip code in the U.S. or City/Country Pair in the world if you are on your way out of town. Beautiful Photorealistic 3-Dimensional Icons look really cool!

4) Add High Temperature Forecast for any GPS location or zip code worldwide to keep track of the HOTNESS! ;)

5) Display the next 5 events from your iOS native Calendar.

6) Premier Photo Backgrounds with Color Accent Skins. Ten Beautiful Caribbean options included at no additional charge.

7) Use your own Photos & Backgrounds or import from other wallpaper apps. Complete MOVE & SCALE works flawlessly!

8) Set Lock Screen Update Reminder Alerts to KEEP IT FRESH!

9) Customizable positioning options. Do you like it on the BOTTOM or do you like it on the TOP? Move the CALENDAR to the bottom and the IF FOUND text to the top or visa versa!

10) Change Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius!

11) Automatic shading behind text and calendars insures everything is readable no matter what background you desire.

12) Version 2.1 Now view up to 11 Events from your Calendar showing event name, date and time on your Lock Screen. Selectively hide Calendar Events so that future events will show instead.

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What's New

• Completely Overhauled Weather Forecasts
• Fixed Bug With Weather Icons
• Weather MUCH More Accurate Now
• Can Now Hide Select Events To Show Other Events Instead
• Streamlined Settings Screen Now Easier To Use
• Tap Placeholder Time Clock To Change To 24-Hour Format
• Tap IF FOUND Text To Edit Text
• Show up to 9 Calendar Events by Turning off Date Calendar and IF FOUND Text
• Turn ON/OFF Specific Calendars

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