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Lightfield Ammunition Ballistics Reference

Lightfield Ammunition Ballistics Reference

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The Lightfield Ammunition App gives you detailed ballistic information at your fingertips. Familiarize yourself at home, or take it to the field with you - or both.
Witness the deadly accuracy and knock-down power of our ammunition with included video segments showing real hunting situations.

SameSite Accuracy: Because of our patented saboted slug technologies, we are the only manufacturer to offer ìSameSiteô Accuracyî. We have refined and perfected this science with our top three most popular 12 gauge Hybred ammunitions, the Litesô, the EXPô and the Elitesô. Sight any one of these slugs at 50 yards and you will effectively have sighted all three slug series thus zeroing in your firearm (DSG*) at 100, 130 and 160 yards respectfully. This advanced technology gives the outdoorsman a choice for any hunting scenario; allows the sharing of a firearm among family members young, old, man or woman; allows the use of multi ammunitions without the costly and time consuming re-sighting in process; Turns your slug gun into a multi-purpose multi-functional hunting tool; Gives the confidence needed to head into the unknown of each hunt successfully.

Now offering this advanced technology in our 2 3/4î and 3î magnum 20 gauge series of slugs!

About Lightfield Ammunition:
In the late 1970ís the Lightfield Ammunition Corporation perfected the saboted slug while designing munitions for the U.S. Marine Corps. In the late 1980's the patented technology that went into creating the Lightfield Alpha rounds for the U.S. Military were applied to a pure lead slug for the civilian hunting market. By the time the Hybred design was released in 1992 it contained 8 out of the 10 basic characteristics of flight. Through this process Lightfield Ammunition invented a hunting slug that is consistently accurate to 150 yards and beyond, will retain 100% energy within the intended target, and will (with a less than desirable hit) take down any North American big game.

We believe you should spend more time admiring your trophy and retrieving game.... not looking for it!

Lightfield Slugs received a 93% Approval rating from the North American Hunting Club with 300 independent field tests!

The Lightfield Hybred series of sabot slugs uses an hour glass shaped 99% pure lead slug. The use of a post wad that acts like a wedge, expanding the slug outward causing the slug and sabot to fit the barrel perfectly. The post wad is constructed with a double spring design that assures full expansion of the slug in the barrel without distortion. It also stays attached to the slug through impact. This is a very important factor for increased accuracy at longer yardages ñ it works like the fletching or vanes of a dart. Then there is the exclusively patented ìkeyedî discarding sabot that locks itself to the slug. This allows two important things to happen simultaneously... consistent slug RPM speeds as determined by your twist rate, and protection from any lead ever touching the inside of the barrel. Combine this with our proprietary powder, exclusively custom blended for Lightfield, and we are able to achieve the proper pressures and velocities using heaver projectiles that our competitors can only dream about. This is precisely why Lightfield has set the ìStandard by which all other slugs are judgedî.

*DSG = Designated Slug Gun.

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