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Keypad for Photoshop for iPad

Keypad for Photoshop for iPad

iOS iPad Utilities

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This app will be discontinued this week. It is being replaced by the new universal and improved app KeyPad Plus available for download for free. Please proceed to downloading KeyPad Plus instead.

Some quotes from reviews of KeyPad Pro:

"Ok, IMO this is the most productive app on iTunes. Period."
"Wow! Does exactly what it saids and haven't had any issues. I've both used professional key formats (purchased) as well as free forum downloads, and all work great."
"It does everything they say here. I connected easily to my iMac. Now I can make my own controls for my GarageBand, iMovie, Photoshop."
"Simply great. This app challenges the imagination. It has countless possibilities not discussed such as game boards etc…"
"Very powerful app with endless possibilities."

The ultimate wireless remote for the iPad. Use control panels with buttons, sliders, dials, panners, and circular menus that control any application on your Mac or Windows. Work like a pro in Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, and other applications on your Mac or Windows using your iPad as a control panel. Swipe to rotate a 3D model, or dial to adjust brush size, or pan with your fingers to navigate a canvas, and access any tool with simple taps without moving your mouse and drilling down menus.

Controls are colored and tagged with icons for easy access. They can have different sizes and shapes, and even be transparent and overlaid over any image: think of an image of an airplane dashboard to control a flight simulator, or a picture of a Klingon vessel's control panel to control Microsoft Word!

You can purchase, from within the app, already made KeyPad layouts with a professional touch. Layouts for various productivity apps added regularly to the KeyPad in-app Store. 
Currently, you will find in-app keypads for purchase for Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Mac OSX, iPhoto, iMovie, Word, Powerpoint, Excel.

Upgrade to KeyPad Pro and import all your in-app purchases from this app into KeyPad Pro. With KeyPad Pro you can in addition create, edit, modify, duplicate, and email control panels! And access the KeyPad Forum where users of KeyPad Pro share their creations for free.

Check out the app website at: 

for more details and many video tutorials.


- Buttons, sliders, dials, panners, menus, sequencers; transparent controls.

- Custom artwork used for backgrounds and icon imagery.
- iCloud syncing and backup.
- Turns your iPad into a wireless trackpad or keyboard for your computer, or even use it as a tablet for drawing.

- Purchase professionally made keypads from the in-app KeyPad Store.

- Bonjour automatic network communication over WiFi, or manual mode to bypass some firewalls.

- Tunable delay for hold and double tap; sound effects for feedback.

- Device memorization and pairing with secure passwords.

- Video tutorials on Vimeo and extensive in-app documentation.
- All iPad orientations supported.

- Mac, Windows, and Linux support.


- Mac OS X 10.4-10.7 running, Windows XP, Vista, or 7, Linux machines
- Some pre-made layouts require plugins that are freely downloadable from app website.

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What's New

Back up your creations before you update!

What's New in version 9.0?

Version 9.0 is the most significant update to KeyPad Pro apps since the release of version 1.0.

✱ Rectangular controls!
✱ Controls with no background or outline: just the icon image shows.
✱ iCloud syncing and backup of your keypads! Seamless and secure!
✱ New document format: emailing keypads now includes custom artwork.
✱ Extensive new help system across the entire app.
✱ A new connection panel with history and account navigation, accessible throughout the app, even in KeyPad edit and use modes!
✱ Settings popover accessible throughout the app, expanded and reorganized.
✱ Trackpad mode accessible from the toolbar throughout the app, available in KeyPad Light as well! A free trackpad functionality to all!
✱ Popover to quickly switch between keypads; and we mean quickly!
✱ Code ported to iOS 5.0's new memory management architecture resulting in significant stability improvements across the board!
✱ Orientation of controls and background images made more flexible.
✱ Access to unicodes. Now you can type your favorite cyrilic characters using the iPad!
✱ Light versions now come with preinstalled keypads; no additional downloads needed.
✱ Interface tweaks throughout, visual enhancements.

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