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iSecurity: Find My Phone (iBlackBook)

iSecurity: Find My Phone (iBlackBook)

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Version 2.1 is live! This version fixes the bug that was causing the app to get stuck in the verification stage with some users. If you experienced this bug with Version 1.0 or 2.0, please delete the previous version and do a clean install of Version 2.1

To the reviews left by people that say the app gets stuck, please check your SPAM folders first. And contact us at and we'll be happy to walk you through it.

"iSecurity: Find My Phone" helps you locate your iPhone if it gets stolen.

During the setup, iSecurity will make sure your device is GPS enabled, verify your email address, allow you to choose a password, and give you the option to auto-locate your device. The iSecurity app will then go into stealth mode and appear to be an app that stores information about your contacts and other confidential information. The app will appear to be an app named, “iBlackBook” on your iPhone.

If your iPhone gets stolen, the thief will most likely run the “iBlackBook” app in order to gain access to your information. Each time the thief enters an incorrect password, the app will send an email to your verified email address with the GPS location, time, altitude, speed, location accuracy, and altitude accuracy. If you enable the auto-locate option, then the app will email you the location as soon as the app is launched.

The thief will be motivated to open the “iBlackBook” app in order to gain access to your personal information. We have also included a badge of "1" on the app icon to entice the thief even more. The thief will have no idea that the “iBlackBook” app is really a security app that is sending you (the owner) information on the iPhone location. This is very important. Without this feature, the thief would either not click on the app, or would delete the app after the first use. By catering to the thief’s needs, we encourage the thief to retry the password often. Remember, every time the thief enters an incorrect password, you will get an email with the location.

This app can also be used as a prank or to “test” your significant other, family, or friends. If they were to try to gain access to “iBlackBook”, you will get an email. So go ahead and leave your iPhone on the coffee table the next time you have to run to the bathroom. Let’s see if you have an email with an incorrect password attempt waiting.

IMPORTANT NOTES: We have created another app that does the same thing, except it appears to be an app called “iPasswords” in stealth mode. The app is called “iSecurity: Find My Phone (iPasswords)”.

If you run into any issues or want to make suggestions, please email us at

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What's New

Added option to find location when app is launched without waiting for incorrect password.

Changed the way location is found, making it faster with no hangups.

Added notification to the desktop icon, which makes it even more enticing for a thief.

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