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FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! iNetCalc is now a FREE no-ad App. Enjoy. Our 2013 New Year's Gift to you.

iNetCalc - is a suite of tools designed to make you a networking geek faster than ITT Tech!

1. Xfer Time: Gauge file transfers.
2. Throughput: Check the size of the bandwidth pipe
3. Convert: Get Megabits out of TeraBytes.
4. Usage: Calculate stream bandwidth for VoIP, YouTube, and media.

For the non geek and true geek alike

Use the transfer time tool to calculate how long it would take to download the latest movie from iTunes, or how long it would take to send a large PowerPoint presentation.

Just put in the size of the file(s) and the amount of bandwidth you have via DSL, CABLE, T1, wireless or Ethernet and you get your answer in real time. Adjust your speed and the tool will recalculate the changes on the fly.

Use the Usage tool to calculate streams!
Find out how much of your office bandwidth is used up when 5 people are on skype calls, 15 on YouTube, 3 listening to Internet radio and 7 people on the office VoIP phone system.

No IT Tech or office manager should be without this program.

Sales Engineers! Need to give an immediate answer to how much bandwidth your client will need when 30% of the users will use YouTube and Skype daily, and have at least 10 simultaneous SIP VoIP calls running? The Usage tool calculates this in real time as you adjust the parameters and reports it in a usage summary on the same screen broken down by stream type! You can even change the stream sizes via the configuration screen.

Use the Throughput tool to gauge how much real throughput you are getting when it took 10 minutes to send a 2 MegaByte file over your $400/mo T1.

Or do the reverse and calculate how much bandwidth you need to send the 5 viral videos to your producer in the hour it needs to be there everyday.

The tools include help screens and useful example scenarios via the robust configuration screen.


1. Calculate transfer times in real-time in selectable bps, T1, multiple T1, all levels of Ethernet and any other bandwidth level you choose.

2. Convert bytes to bits, and bits to bytes and everything in between on the fly and in real-time.

3. Never seen before, real-time calculations of network usage based on streaming, audio, video, or media, with full scrolling summary view.

4. Calculate throughput based on actual time periods you specify.

5. Detailed help screens for each application system.

6. All calculations performed in real-time without any calculate or equal buttons to push.

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