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iGloLEDset: Spinner Edition

iGloLEDset: Spinner Edition

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Control app for the iGloLEDset: WiFi Controllable LED Lights


Connect via WiFi to a 120 light strip of color LED's which you control with your iPhone.

Spinner Edition Features:
- Solid Color Preset Wheel
- Network HUB Support
- Quick Camera Access
- Enhanced iGloLEDset Connectivity
- Updated Graphics
- Multi-Unit Control: Setup multiple kits and control each individually.
- Kit Naming: Label each kit with a unique id.
- Real Time Mode: Tap palette to change colors. Double tap to hide/show close icon.
- Real Time Multi-Touch: Touch with multiple fingers at the same time.
- Reset Key: Clears Lights
- Synchronize Multiple Kits

iGloLEDset Features:
- 16.4 Foot Strip
- 120 x FULL COLOR Lights
- Hundreds of Presets
- Real time controls
- Chain Strips Together!
- Universal power supply
- Also works with iPod Touch, iPad & iPhone 4

Important: This app requires the iGLOLEDSet which can be purchased online.

If you have Firmware 1.2 or Above:
To set a new “power on” default program: (Firmware 1.2 or above only.)
When you have the required pattern displayed on the lights, press and hold the button on the back of the controller until the red LED flashes rapidly (8 times a second). The controller will enter a random pattern mode, but the last pattern that was being displayed is saved as the default for subsequent power up operation. Note: This will not work for solid color wheel picker presets: only patterns.

Your firmware version is listed on sticker on the bottom of the controller as the number after the "r" in the model number. e.g. Model: MEA100601r1.2 On newer controllers the firmware version is also listed on the sticker on the bottom of the controller. e.g. "Firmware 1.3"

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What's New

☀ Synchronize Multiple Kits: Install more than one iGlo controller in a single space and control them individually or link them to control them all at the same time.

☀ Improved Networking Performance.

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