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"What is a clock?"

design director and doctor of medical science,
gives an answer to this question by designing HOLA.

Get HOLA to meet goddess of time!

All sales of this application are used
for PKD(Peace-Keeping Design) Project.

This is not a clock, this is like a clock.
"to meet the goddess of time"
Time was once of the blessing the heavens
bestowed on people.
I wonder if it is impossible for us to look up to the
heavens again and recover the heavens' blessing.
Let's watch the heavenly bodies' movements and
become free from the concept of time.
If we watch the heavenly bodies' movements,
and the light and shade caused by them,
we will be reminded that we are living on earth,
and an element of space.
When we realize time is also an element of
space, a clock which has been only a meter of
time will become something related to space,
or an apostle of HOLA.
When we can understand our ancestor's belief
in HOLA and see HOLA's dimple.

1988:Selected the permanent collections of
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
1989:Good Design Award at Good Design Award
1991:Selected as "THE CLOCK"
that best describes what 20th century is
from Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
1993:Selected the permanent collections of
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1993:Selected the permanent collections of
Korea Design Center
1994:Selected the permanent collections of
Philadelphia Museum of Art
2000:Long life Design Award at Good Design Award

■Color Variation
Yellow (Special Color for iPhone)
Purple (Special Color for iPhone)

Design director
Doctor of medical science
Professor of graduate school of engineering, Osaka University


■Peace-Keeping Design Project
Peace-Keeping Design Office,
SDwave, Nonprofit Organization

The objective of this project is the realization of
true world peace based on design methodology.
There are limitations to conventional
peacekeeping operations (PKO), or
peacekeeping forces (PKF). This project is
named “Peace-Keeping Design (PKD)” and
aims to be a global peacekeeping activity.
The PKD project takes as its subject various
difficult issues faced by humankind and the
earth, including war, poverty and environmental
destruction. It will seek solutions by
comprehensive approaches centered on design
and will work towards realizing such solutions.


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