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FullControl is a fun, and easy-to-use app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control. So you can control your computer with a tap or flick of a finger.

Why FullControl?
- there are specific commands for each Mac application, for ALL Mac applications!
- high commands customization;
- launch applications;
- volume control;
- navigate through Mac filesystem and open files;
- remote keyboard and mouse.

Do you want to skip to the next track? There is a fast command for this! Do you need to stop the movie? There is a command for this!

Want to start a video? Do not look for it with the mouse, FullControl allows you to access the contents of folders on your Mac and launch files with the program of your choice!

You will see that the mouse and keyboard don't need anymore, but if you need it, there are also those, plus the number keypad and the ability to shutdown, restart the computer or put it to sleep.

How can I control all the applications?!
Simple: with FullControl you can create or download a specific keyboard shortcut and send it to a running program in order to control it!
This is the difference from the others remote applications.


- Automatic server detection
- Control all your applications with keyboard shortcuts;
- Ability to add custom commands with icon, title and a shortcut;
- You can share your shortcuts and download others new;
- Ability to launch applications in the folder "Applications" and in the Dock;
- Remote keyboard also in landscape mode;
- Remote trackpad;
- Ability to shutdown, restart, and putting to sleep the Mac;
- File browser and file launcher;

# In-App Purchases FEATURES #

- Numeric pad;
- Get live screenshots of your Mac.
- Volume control;
- Brightness control
- Music control (play, pause, next, previous)

FullControl just installed, you have already provided the commands to control your music on iTunes, Spotify, the videos play on VLC, QuickTime, manage live TV on EyeTV!

FullControl to work properly requires FullControlHelper (3.0 or higher) installed on your Mac - Intel (OS X 10.6 or higher).
FullControlHelper is available free from http://fullcontrol.cescobaz.com/download/

What's New

The app becomes free with PRO version available via In-App Purchases or available for those who downloaded FullControl before version 3.0

New features! ( available with FullControlHelper 3.0 or higher)
- music controller
- screenshot zoom feature
- pad with arrows, esc and return
- landscape view

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