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Talking  Tip Calculator Deluxe

Talking Tip Calculator Deluxe

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Talking Tip Calculator
After downloading too many tip calculators that did not meet a basic standard; we decided to develop a tip calculator that is complete and has even more additional features than the other ones!

With this application’s simple to use interface you will be able to calculate the tip with the amount you want for your bill instantly. Also, you will have the option to split the bill evenly in as many parties as you need. Unlike other similar applications; some of the additional main features are:

-Talking calculator. Many people complain of not being able to see clear which button they are pressing. With this application the problem is over! Every time a number is entered you have the option of hearing what number was entered.

-Date and Time record. Every bill you create automatically gets the date and time entered automatically. This is perfect not only for personal reminder, but also for accounting and business expenses purposes! Such a simple detail that other applications left behind and can be so crucial!

-Share the information automatically. With a quick tap of a button an email can be sent with the bills’ information, including the total amount with and without tip, how many ways it was split, and how much each party paid. This is perfect not only for a personal reminder but for sending it to your boss as a business expense, or your accountant to keep record.

-Save a copy of the results for future reference. A graphic version of the results can be automatically saved as a picture for future accounting use. This version can also be shared with your boss, accountant or the other people with whom the bill was split. (Please see the second image preview)

We are constantly working on improving this and our other applications. Also, we are always looking for great ideas to help simplify and enjoy life with your iPhone. Please feel free to share any ideas or suggestions you may have. Bon Apetite!


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Sep 22, 2009
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Fingerprint Pregnancy Scanner
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iPizza Shop Deluxe
iPlanner Voice Edition
iPocket Clock
iPocket Clock Lite
iPocket Tools 11-1 HD Lite
iPocket Tools 9 in 1
iPocket Tools 9-1 Lite
iPocket Tools 9-1 Pro
iPocket Tools HD 11 in 1
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iPro Climber
iPro Fishing Madness
iPro Hockey
iReader Text to Speech
iRecipes Cooking Assistant - Tool
iRish Leprechaun
iRobotic Hero
iRoom Basketball
iRotary Phone
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iScooter Rider Deluxe
iSecurity Camera
iShoot Target - Egyptian Experience
Island Grenade War
Island Grenade War Lite
iSmoke App (Smoking Simulator)
iSmoke II (Cigar, Pipe and Cigarette) Smoking Simulator
iSMS tool
iSpaceship Competition
iSpaceship Landing
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iSpaceship Landing Lite
iSpaceship Parking
iSpaceship Parking Lite
iSpaceship Rider
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iStreet Basket HD
iStreet Basket HD Lite
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iSupermarket Expenses
iTennis Tournament
iTools Playground
iTown Builder
iTown Builder HD
iTown Builder Lite
iToy Madness
iToy Madness 2
iToy Madness 2 Lite
iTraffic Light
iTraffic Light Deluxe
iTraffic Light HD
iTraffic Light Lite
iTranslate with text to speech (Russian to English)
iTranslate with Text to Speech Arabic to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Chinese to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Dutch to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech English to Spanish
iTranslate with Text to Speech French to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech German to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Greek to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Hebrew to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Hindi to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Italian to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Japanese to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Persian to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Portuguese to English
iTranslate with Text to Speech Results
iTranslate with Text to Speech THAI to English
iWar Alien Attack
iWar Alien Attack Lite
iWar Alien Defeat
iWar Alien Invasion
iWar Copter
iWar Galactic Invasion
iWar Karate Knock Out
iWar Madness
iWar Military Shoots
iWar Nuclear Adventure
iWar Nuclear Adventure Lite
iWar Parachute
iWar Parachuting
iWar Physics
iWar Space Revolution
iWar Spaceship
iWar Submarine Adventure
iZit Popper
iZit Popper HD
iZit Popper HD Lite
iZit Popper Pro
iZombie Fast Food
iZombie Music
iZombie Music HD
iZombie Survivor
iZombie Tower Protection
iZoo Manager
Japanese Fighter - An Oriental War
Japanese Fighter PRO
Jet Ski Competition
Jet Ski Runner
Johnny The Skater
Johnny The Skater Lite
Just Shoot - Sniper Game
Just Shoot HD - Sniper Game
Just Soccer
Just Soccer HD
Just Soccer HD Lite
Just Soccer Lite
Just War
Kangaroo Boxer - Step By Step
Kangaroo Boxer PRO - Step By Step
Keyboard Fix
Keyboard Upgrade
Kick The Monster Away
Kick The Monster Away Lite
King Monkey Physics Puzzle
King Monkey Physics Puzzle PRO
Kiss The Lips
Kiss The Lips HD
Kiss The Lips HD Lite
Knight Attack Madness
Late Browser
Late Browser Mobile
Lazy Teacher
Lazy Teacher Lite
LED Professional
LED Professional Lite
Library Nerd
Logo Building Kit
Logo Building Kit Lite
Making 4 Letter Words
Master The Code
Master The Code Lite
Match And Destroy
Match And Destroy Lite
Media Manager
Memory Status (Talking Version)
Messaging Tool (Text to speech + Walkie Talkie)
Military Binoculars Pro
Military Keyboard II for iPad
Mini Golf 3D Madness
MMS Deluxe (also SMS)
MonoPolice Madness
MonoPolice Madness Lite
Mosquito Repeller for iPad
Motorcycle Madness
Motorcycle TAP TAP
Motorcycle TAP TAP PRO
Multi Chronometers
Multiple Email Signatures Pro
Music!!! Lite
Musical Speedometer
My Expenses Pro
Needles for iPad
Nerd At The Movies
Nerd Face Meter
Nerd Face Meter Lite
Network Analysis Tool
Network Analysis Tool Lite
Ninja Adventure I
Ninja Cop Clash!
Norwegian Web Keyboard
Nose Surgery Madness
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Note Sync
Notebook For School
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Ocean Defense
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Plumb Pro
Talking Tip Calculator Deluxe 2.50 out of 5 based on 209 ratings.