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Emoji Mailer (emoji to desktop Email)

Emoji Mailer (emoji to desktop Email)

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2-in-1 !!  don't waste your money on the others. Activates, but more importantly sends to PC email accounts.

✤ "Emoji Mailer" let you email 'emoji' to ANY desktop
  —it is the ONLY app for the iPhone that can!
    or for ANY mobile phone... EVER! -read below.


Interested in joining the emoji culture?
  This lets loose those cool little critters for you.
  Use in Twitter, Facebook, SMS etc. for iPhone users to see.

Already into emoji?
  Well, stop emailng 〿boxes when you meant: ☺
  ☛ Converts emoji to graphics for sending to desktop PCs
  ✷ Yes, it works with MS Outlook, too. Other can't! ✷



▶ Globally activates emoji keyboard
▶ Text editor with internal emoji email functionality
▶ Converts emoji to graphics for sending via Clipboard
▶ Queues to "Mail" outbox
▶ Supports 'Reply' in "Mail" app, too
▶ Convert to BBCode format for phpBB™ message boards
▶ Round-trip spell checking via "SpellChecker" (sold separately)


Supported receiving platforms:

✉ Mail (MacOS, iPhone & iPod touch)
✉ Windows Outlook
✉ Gmail
✉ Hotmail
✉ MobileMe
✉ Yahoo! Mail
✉ basically any webmail or desktop client!


Usage notes:

● Using 'Clipboard Export' and pasting into "Mail" will work, but NOT for MS Outlook -use the internal 'Send Mail' option.

● Don't add emoji to text after opening up mail, they will not show up.

● Do not use emoji in email titles.

● For MMS, limit yourself to only two emoji. Use the Email/SMS export menu. (Carrier support for MMS required ☹)

● Twitter does not support inline graphics -so emoji will display for iPhones only.

● Activate the "SpellChecker" menu item from "Preferences".

● To activate 'Emoji Keyboard', run "Emoji Mailer" once, quit & go to:
  "Settings" > General > International > Keyboards > Japanese
   -set 'Emoji' to 'ON'.
 (see Online Manual for details)


History of Enfour, Inc. and Emoji

It all started in Japan 20 years ago with user defined bitmap characters on DOS PCs.
Called 'gaiji' -literally "outside characters", they were variant forms of Japanese characters or small pictures.

18 years ago Enfour's initial product was the world's first 'gaiji' outline font, "PS GaijiKit". This included 1500 character variants, symbols and emoticons.

In 1993 Sharp introduced the Zaurus PDA which included a smaller set of 'gaiji' symbols.

Enfour released the "UniFEP" Japanese kit for the Apple Newton in 1994. This included compatibility with the Sharp character set.

In association with Sony, Inc., Enfour developed a 'gaiji' character set for the CD-Text and MiniDisc. In 1996 this was officially adopted by the Japan Record Association as the "Music Gaiji" specification (RIS 506−1996) .

In 1999 DoCoMo released "emoji" for their 'i-mode' mobile phone platform -literally "picture characters". It contained a large number of emoticons previously defined by Sharp and Enfour.

In 2000, Enfour released a desktop TrueType font called "Keitai Font" ('keitai' = mobile phone) opening up 'emoji' to MacOS and Windows.

Since then, Enfour has provided Japanese 'emoji' fonts to a number of mobile handset manufactures -including Motorola and Nokia.

Now Enfour brings you "Emoji Mailer" that lets iPhone & iPod touch users send emoji to Mac & Windows desktops as well and non-Japanese smartphones.


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What's New

"Retina Display" support
iOS4 fast application switching

✤ Send 'emoji' to ANY desktop email account!
✤ Global activation for emoji keyboard.
✤ Support for BBCode export.
 —used in major bulletin boards and message forums
  ● any that run with phpBB™ or JavaBBCode:
    Accessify Forum
    Coding Forums
  ● WordPress
  ● Drupal

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