CLZ Books - Book Collection Database

CLZ Books - Book Collection Database

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Catalog your home library. Auto-download book cover art, publisher, year, format, plot summaries, etc.. Just enter authors & titles or scan ISBN barcodes with your device camera.

NEWS FLASH: Over 30 thousand copies sold to happy collectors!

* Automatically add books to your database
Just enter author & title or scan ISBN barcodes with your device camera. CLZ Books will automatically download full book details, including publication information, plot descriptions and cover images.

* Catalog your book collection & wish list
Track the books you own and the ones on your wish list. Organize and manage detailed book information like Author, Title, ISBN, Publisher, Year, Format, Genres, plus personal stuff like Purchase Information, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

* Browse, sort & search your book database
Browse your book database as a book list, a cover "wall" or in cover flow mode. View full book information in the details panel. Group books in Author, Publisher or Genre folders. Search your database with the Quick Search box.

* Free CLZ Cloud storage of your collection data:
Upload your collection data to the CLZ Cloud to have a full backup of your data. Sync your data between devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad) through the CLZ Cloud.

Download CLZ Books for free now and try it for yourself!

FREE TO DOWNLOAD, with In-App Purchases:

CLZ Books is free to download, and fully functional up to a database size of 100 books. Higher database limits can be unlocked using In App Purchases:

* +100 pack / US $1 : increase database limit with 100 books.
* +250 pack / US $2: increase database limit with 250 books.
* +500 pack / US $3: increase database limit with 500 books.
* +1000 pack / US $5 : increase database limit with 1000 books.
* +2500 pack / US $8 : increase database limit with 2500 books.
* +5000 pack / US $12 : increase database limit with 5000 books.
* No Limit pack / US $15 - unlimited, remove the database limit in one go.

( NOTE: If you already purchase CLZ Books before the v4 release, then you will automatically receive the $15 No Limit pack! )

Register for a CLZ Account:

To use the app, you need to either register for a CLZ Account or login to your existing CLZ Account (e.g. if you already own our Book Collector or Book Connect software).

A CLZ Account is needed to:
1. Add books through our Core online book database.
2. Sync/Backup your data to the CLZ Cloud.
3. Keep track of your unlocked database limit across devices.

- iOS 7.0 or higher
- for barcode scanning: iPhone 3GS and up, iPad 3 and up, or iPod touch 5th gen and up.

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ? Come talk to us!

Last but not least: we are here to help. Either to answer your questions or to respond to your feedback / concerns. So if you have something to say or ask, then please contact us for help using the little "?" button inside the app (top right), or visit and click Support at the top.

That way, we can have a conversation, answer your questions, solve your problems, fix the bugs you found, etc... We love talking to our users, as it helps us improve the apps :-)


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- Mobile apps:
- Windows / Mac software:
- Online web-apps:

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What's New

CLZ Books is now free to download, with a database limit of 100 books.
Unlock higher database limits using In App Purchases.

If you purchased CLZ Books *before* the 4.0 release, then the 4.0 version will be automatically unlocked to an *unlimited* database size. You do NOT need to pay again :-)
(if for whatever reason this didn't work for you, then just contact us and we'll manually give you the Unlimited-pack free of charge.)

New in v4.0 - Improved Add Books screen:
* Easily switch between Add methods (Title/Barcode/Manual).
* Re-designed search results with included cover images.
* New black style for Preview Screen.
* Add by Barcode now automatically opens Camera Scan screen.
* Larger Camera Scan screen on iPad

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