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Cleu is the connected clock

We're all motivated in different ways to start. Some of us need a gentle touch, whereas others desire a sense of urgency. Cleu creates a precise & personalized experience, so we can focus on what's important; the motivation.

Regain your focus with Cleu.


Connects with:

Uber- Presets your Uber pickups according to time or your preferred location. "Snooze" the order if you need extra time.

Nest- Makes sure your Nest thermostat is properly adjusted for your next weekend gathering or day out.

Hue- Sets your Philips Hue light to create the perfect ambiance for an evening dinner, or simply to serve as a reminder for a phone call or meeting.

Calendar- Displays your upcoming appointments for easy scheduling.

Weather- Elegant temperature display and animation- perfect for waking up to an experience powered by Cleu.

Cleu Timer- Need a countdown for your next meeting? For the oven? This feature functions as a simple timer or stopwatch for everyday use. Available to use on Apple Watch.

Upcoming connections include Spotify, Google, FitBit, & more!

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What's New

Uber- Cleu Presets your UberX pickups according to time or preferred location. "Snooze" if you need a few more minutes at time of pickup.

Fixed - "Edit Intelligence" has a reorganized view. Allows for simpler and quicker edits to Nest temperature, Philips Hue scenes, or Uber pickup locations.

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