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Tired of sleep cycle smart alarms that sit on the mattress and don't wake you up when they're supposed to? Share a bed with a partner and want a silent alarm that wakes only you up?

Circadian Alarm is back! The original sock alarm for the iPhone and iPod Touch is your answer for perfectly-timed wakeups.

Sleep with your device in your sock or in an armband, and Circadian Alarm will monitor your body with precision for telltale signs that you're ready to wake up.

See how refreshing it is to wake up when your body is ready, instead of just when your alarm clock says it's time!

(If you don't sleep with socks, you can fasten it to your wrist or arm using an armband, but it's much more comfortable on your shin where you have fewer nerves. Put it between two socks: one for padding between the device and your shin, and the other to keep the device secured to your body).


• You tell Circadian Alarm what time you need to wake up by.

• As the time you need to wake by nears, Circadian Alarm starts watching your movements to see when you're between deep sleep phases. When it detects that you're in a light stage of sleep or barely awake, the alarm goes off (either a pleasant ring, or silent vibration on iPhones).

• If you haven't entered light sleep by the time you need to wake up, the alarm sounds anyway, preventing you from oversleeping.


• Won't wake you up when you don't want it to. You tell it how early you're willing to wake up.

• Won't let you sleep past when you need to wake up.

• Won't wake your partner (iPhones only -- silent alarm vibrates against your body to gently wake you)


• This is not a sleeptracker or sleep-therapist app at the moment, like WakeMate or Sleep Cycle. We just focus on waking you up at the right time. If there's sufficient demand, we'll add sleep tracking and sleep cycle reports: we've tried the others and know how slow and un-enlightening they are, so let us know if you'd like to see us do better.

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