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◉ Visit the website at for latest pictures and news.
• Tap ( click ) on 'Developer's website'.
• Now you can import text or cvs files containing phone calls into this app.
• For more information visit the website mentioned above or tap on the 'Developer's website' button or from the app's help section.
• This app keeps those casual phone calls for you, when you make phone calls using this app, or import call from a file.

• When you make your phone calls using this app It automatically opens at the end of phone call and the phone call is saved to this app.

• • calLog is multiple apps in one.

• • Some of common uses :
• Find out your phone calls time usage.
• Add detail information to your phone calls.
• Get a backup copy of your phone calls.
• Ideal when shopping around by phone.
• Keep track of leads for sales persons.
• Personal organizer app.
• Reminder app connected to device calendar.
• Global address finder app.
• Location manager and notifier app.
• Contacts manager connected to map, calendar.
• Phone customer service counter.

√ Keep your casual phone calls with no limit in number of calls, for ever.

√ Easily copy call informations from your device phone program into this app.
• In your device phone program go to a call detail screen and hold down your finger on the phone number until the copy button shows up.

√ Find how long did you talk for a specific date period.

√ Add name, note and address to casual phone calls.

√ Add reminders to phone calls integrated with your device calendar.

√ Your contact list won't be full of names you don't even remember.

√ History Function :
• Instantly see previous phone call details for a phone number by one tap from the call detail screen.

√ Instant search, finds as you type.
• Search phone calls by name, part of phone number or words in notes.

√ Export phone calls in CSV format, plain text or send them to you calendar.
• Import the CSV files into spread sheets and get all kinds of reports ( Excel ).
• Use the exported files as backups.
• You can send out your phone calls by email.
• Export function is available from Report screen

√ Integrated with your device calendar and contacts.
• Put all your contacts having address, together on the map.

√ Location reminder
• Get notified when passing by your specific locations.

√ Flag locations to remember as a to do task.
• Set correct address format, from options menu.

√ Built in web browser.
• Open your online notes or documents from inside the app.

√ Reporting Functions :
• You can search a phone number based on :
Specific date or time and find out duration and number of calls you made, with some additional useful filters.

• This application is not able to make calls with # or * in the phone number.

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What's New

√ Re-opening the app after finishing a call could close the app if calls list were filtered.
√ Comma signs are removed from the formatted calls duration when exporting calls as text or cvs files, now calls duration is in 00:00:00 format.

Version 6.0.0
√ Now you can import tens of thousands of call records at once.
• Many code level improvement are applied which result in faster and better performance.
√ User location access by this app is reduced to when the app is in use.
• If you have accessing locations by this app turned off you can turn it on from the settings app of your device and use all the location services offered by this app.
• Previous user location acquirement was due to offering location reminders by this app, which has been put off until user starts using location reminders by this app.
√ The problem with tapping on the 'Done' button right after adding a new address for a call detail is resolved. This did not record the location coordinates properly.

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