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◉ Visit the website at www.biodigits.com/callog for latest pictures and news.
• Tap ( click ) on 'Developer's website'.
• Now you can import text or cvs files containing phone calls into this app.
• For more information visit the website mentioned above or tap on the 'Developer's website' button or from the app's help section.
• This app keeps those casual phone calls for you, when you make phone calls using this app, or import call from a file.

• When you make your phone calls using this app It automatically opens at the end of phone call and the phone call is saved to this app.

• • calLog is multiple apps in one.

• • Some of common uses :
• Find out your phone calls time usage.
• Add detail information to your phone calls.
• Get a backup copy of your phone calls.
• Ideal when shopping around by phone.
• Keep track of leads for sales persons.
• Personal organizer app.
• Reminder app connected to device calendar.
• Global address finder app.
• Location manager and notifier app.
• Contacts manager connected to map, calendar.
• Phone customer service counter.

√ Keep your casual phone calls with no limit in number of calls, for ever.

√ Easily copy call informations from your device phone program into this app.
• In your device phone program go to a call detail screen and hold down your finger on the phone number until the copy button shows up.

√ Find how long did you talk for a specific date period.

√ Add name, note and address to casual phone calls.

√ Add reminders to phone calls integrated with your device calendar.

√ Your contact list won't be full of names you don't even remember.

√ History Function :
• Instantly see previous phone call details for a phone number by one tap from the call detail screen.

√ Instant search, finds as you type.
• Search phone calls by name, part of phone number or words in notes.

√ Export phone calls in CSV format, plain text or send them to you calendar.
• Import the CSV files into spread sheets and get all kinds of reports ( Excel ).
• Use the exported files as backups.
• You can send out your phone calls by email.
• Export function is available from Report screen

√ Integrated with your device calendar and contacts.
• Put all your contacts having address, together on the map.

√ Location reminder
• Get notified when passing by your specific locations.

√ Flag locations to remember as a to do task.
• Set correct address format, from options menu.

√ Built in web browser.
• Open your online notes or documents from inside the app.

√ Reporting Functions :
• You can search a phone number based on :
Specific date or time and find out duration and number of calls you made, with some additional useful filters.

• This application is not able to make calls with # or * in the phone number.

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What's New

√ Ability to add contacts informations to reminders.
• By tapping on the contact icon in the reminders screen.

√ Adding informations to the reminders had a problem for right to left languages, which has been resolved.

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