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Calculator HD Pro Free

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Calculator HD Pro Free features a dual-line display that updates live as you type, so you can keep track of both the input and result at the same time. Swipe right on the keyboard for scientific functions, swipe down for a history tape. This version is ad-supported.

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・Swipe down to see the history tape
・Swipe right on the Keyboard for Scientific functions.
・Swipe left on the Input to Backspace, swipe right to Clear
・Tap and hold on the Input to change the cursor position, copy and paste for easy editing of formulas, or convert to scientific E-notation

Calculator Features

・Dual-line display lets you keep track of the Input and Result at the same time.
・Backspace to delete one number at a time, Clear to delete entire input.
・Switch between basic & scientific keys or rotate to landscape for both at once.
・Memory content is displayed next to the Input to make it easy to keep track.
・Automatic scientific formatting of extremely large or small numbers.
・Automatic formatting of the decimal point as a comma for international users.
・Accurate and powerful calculator engine.

Calculator Options

・Choose between 4 gorgeous themes (Candy, MacBook Pro, Sci-Fi, and Snow).
・Choose between obelus (÷) or slash (/) for the division sign.
・Change max number of decimal digits displayed (0-12).
・Enable/disable button click sound.
・Show/hide Memory keys M+, M-, MR, MS, MC.

Tape Features

・Every time you press =, the calculation is automatically saved to the tape.
・Each calculation is time and date stamped to keep a history of what you calculated.
・Add a custom label to any calculation in the tape view.
・E-mail an individual calculation or the entire tape view.

URL scheme: calculatorhdprofree://

Full instructions are available in the app in Settings > Help > Detailed Help.

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What's New

- Adds Option In Settings For: "Left-Handed Mode" (History Tape and Scientific Keypad are moved to left side of screen and Basic / Scientific buttons are swapped).

- Adds Option In Settings For: "Larger Buttons" (iPad only - reduces border around calculator).

- Adds Option to "Input Result At Cursor" from History Tape.

- Status bar is now hidden in Landscape Mode (iPhone only - allows for larger buttons).

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