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Calcul8 - Everyday Calculator Wizard

Calcul8 - Everyday Calculator Wizard

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We’ve created Calcul8 to be a perfect all-in-one calculator for all those everyday scenarios that can get us scratching our heads. Simply choose a calculator, plug in the numbers and Calcul8 will give you the answers as if by magic. Calcul8 really is an everyday calculator wizard!

We've taken 6 really useful calculators and lavished them with beautiful pixels and animation to make Calcul8 a joy to use. Here's what's in the box:

✪ Percentage Calculator ✪
Working out percentage calculations by hand can be extremely confusing. Calcul8 can give you answers to 8 popular calculations:
∙Percentage (%) of a Number - What is the % (a) of a value (b)
∙Percentage (%) Changed - How much value (a) has changed from value (b)
∙Percentage (%) Difference - What is the % difference between value (a) and (b)
∙Original Number - The value (a) is (b)% of what number
∙Percentage (%) Increase - What is value (a) increased by % (b)
∙Percentage (%) Decrease - What is value (b) decreased by % (b)
∙Before Percentage (%) Decrease - What was value (a) before a (b)% decrease
∙Before Percentage (%) Increase - What was value (a) before a (b)% increase

✪ Sale Price Calculator ✪
Sale shopping? Yes! But how much is 35% off? Calcul8 will tell you how much you will pay and how much you will save.

✪ Date Calculator ✪
Performing calculations with dates and times is almost impossible to work out in your head. Calcul8 can help you with 4 popular calculations:
∙Age - A person’s age and time until their next birthday
∙Difference - How much time there is between two dates
∙What Day - What day a particular date falls on, and which week of the year it is in
∙Arithmetic - Add or subtract time from a date

✪ Gratuity Calculator ✪
You’ve all had a great meal and maybe a few too many glasses of wine. But now it’s time to work out how to split the bill. Easy... let Calcul8 work it out for you!

✪ Loan Calculator ✪
Loans. A necessity for a lot of people these days. Understand exactly what a loan will cost you with these 5 useful calculations:
∙Simple Amortisation - Amortised interest mortgage calculation
∙Simple Interest - Simple interest calculation
∙Compound Daily - Interest calculated daily
∙Compound Monthly - Interest calculated monthly
∙Compound Annually - Interest calculated annually

✪ Pocket Calculator ✪
A simple everyday pocket calculator

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What's New

- Stores values like tax that probably remain the same
- Added Simple Amortisation calculator to loans
- Added separators to long results values e.g. 2,400
- Enlarged keypad buttons for easier entry and readability
- Added Tip Amount value to the tip calculator

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