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Now with umlauts! ("rock dots")

Scrolling text banner with 3D marquee perspective, 3D message tumble mode, and tilt-activated mirror mode. Built with OpenGL 3D, for highest resolution on Retina screens. Works fine on iPad at 2x with no drop in quality of the scroll message.

Press and hold a vowel key (a,e,i,o,u) on the screen keyboard to see the popup menu which has the umlauts and other symbols to appear above the letter.

Hit the top #1 Entertainment app in Madagascar!

Amuse your friends, or use for retail "point of sale" business use.

Hint: If you have OS 3.1 or higher, try LinkyBlinkyTweets...more features such as Twitterfeed, scroll across 2 phones, more!

For iPad, use our LinkyBlinkyLarge app; though, to be sure, small format apps now work fine on iPad and since this app uses OpenGL, you don't get pixellation of the scrolling message...only of the buttons.

- easy 1-slider rainbow brite color choices!

- choose original flat mode or 3D modes!

- 3D tumble
- gravity mirror
(flip over phone to show mirror image of scrolling text...text is then readable in a mirror)
- 3D around-the-corner cinema movie theater marquee or Times Square billboard effect

- adjustable speed

- your message and settings are automatically saved when you leave the app, and restored when you go to the app need to remember to save anything

- very long messages handled fine

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What's New

Add Umlauts! In some circles, these are also known as "rock dots," the two dots which can appear above vowels such as a, e, i, o, and/or u. Now you can make your own Heavy Metal Messages, 30 years after it was necessary...but still cool, nonetheless? To get the dots on the U.S. keyboard, do a "long press" on a vowel letter on the keyboard, and a little menu will pop up.

Or, you can write better messages if you are traveling in Germany, Austria, or the several other countries which have popularized the umlaut over the centuries. Just in time for Oktoberfest!

Oh yeah, we also added the other symbols or "diacritical marks" that might appear above vowels on that little popup menu except for the "bar" situation (a line above the letter). The bar doesn't show up.

Now, this is for the U.S. keyboard. The full variety of symbols possible on the international keyboard are not yet supported.

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