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Road web cameras for drivers in Alberta, Canada. iOS 11 edition now extended to include Calgary camera network

Ready to head out and you want to check the road conditions? Alberta Traffic Cam is the fastest way to get to the highway web cams that matter to you. Instead of browsing to a web site and working your way through the menus and map graphics to find a web camera just open Alberta Traffic Cam on your iPhone and go straight to the camera you want with one click. Flick through the other cameras along your route, in order, with a simple Next button.

Touch the Favorite button on any camera page to copy the traffic cameras that matter to you to your Favorites list for faster access. Switch quickly from Show All to Favorites mode. In Favorites Mode the Previous and Next buttons follow the Favorites list.

Alberta Traffic Cam comes pre-loaded with 261 traffic cameras on Highway 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 22, 28, 35, 43, 44, 49, 63, 201, 216 and 881. Alberta Traffic Cam does not include traffic cameras in the city of Calgary

Alberta Traffic Cam is a webpage viewer that collates publicly available information. Cameras are provided by Government of Alberta, Infrastructure and Transportation Department. Individual cameras may be inoperative due to weather conditions or maintenance requirements. The publisher of Alberta Traffic Cam is not affiliated to or endorsed by the Government of Alberta.

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What's New

Version 9.185. The app now has a link to our Privacy Policy on the Setup page. In brief, our policy is we do not ask for, receive or store any customer data.

Version 9.181. Urgent fix to broken links. Immediately after I released 9.180, the 'Final update' for Alberta Traffic, the highway camera network in Alberta underwent a total revamp, which broke all camera links. This update repairs as many links as possible before the update really becomes final. Some cameras has been removed and many more have been added The app now has 261 cameras, up from 244. The increase is mostly down to adding additional direction and road surface cameras at existing location. This version does not include location weather reports

FINAL UPDATE. This is the last time Alberta Traffic will be updated.

REPLACEMENT. The camera network covered by Alberta Traffic is now included in a new app named DOT Traffic. Select Alberta from DOT Traffic's setup page once and the app will provide the same functionality as Alberta Traffic. DOT Traffic will continue to be updated. Unfortunately there is no mechanism to transition App Store ownership of Alberta Traffic to DOT Traffic.

Version 9.160 Bonus Edition! Added Calgary camera network. This edition combines the Alberta Traffic and Calgary Traffic apps

Version 9.159 Updated for iOS 11 and completely rewritten in Swift.
Alberta Traffic updated to 244 highway cameras.

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