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AlarMe: Alarm Clock+

AlarMe: Alarm Clock+

       iOS Universal

***Featured as "New & Noteworthy" in all of the major App Stores worldwide!!***

Want to get excited about your alarm clock? AlarMe is the newest in alarm clock innovation that has all you need from an alarm clock with surprising extras!!

AlarMe is the newest in alarm clock applications, which contains pleasant and minimalistic graphics, intuitive interface and unique functionality. AlarMe breaks previous boundaries set by standard alarm clocks. AlarMe was created to make waking up a more pleasant experience. Let me introduce you to its unique application features.

Set your pre-snooze function before your actual alarm clock with a soft gentle sound which slowly wakes you from your deep sleep to a lighter sleep which makes waking up more pleasant. Pre-snooze duration can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

AlarMe has a unique snooze feature. Simply shake your phone once for an additional five minutes, shake twice for ten minutes and so forth. Snooze duration settings can be adjusted for a shorter or longer duration.

-Alarm Set-Up:
In order to set an alarm rather than manually enter a time, simply drag your finger around the digits/clock to your desired time.

Wake up to your favourite music from your own listing of pre-downloaded music or choose from the extensive listing of pleasant sounds from the default AlarMe library.
Preset your favourite song at your favourite stage of the song to fade in as your alarm. This makes waking up and starting your day more pleasurable.

Meetings & Reminders:
-Set unlimited alarms
-Display up to 3 alarms on main screen menu with unlimited alarms displays on a scroll down function
-Set alarm in daily / week mode or specific user mode
-Choose from up to five user displayed avatars
-Enter a description of your alarm in dialog box which will appear when the alarm goes off
-Meeting Function: Set meeting function to silence alarm /retain vibration
-Choose from analogue or digital clock
-Change clock to AM or PM
-Vibration on / off facility

We always recommend you to download the free version
to test before you purchase the full version.



Due to requests from users of AlarMe, we have changed the interface from the orginal slide button to two separate buttons. I hope this helps and again thank you for your feedback. Keep suggestions comming.

Please note that we support our application and can't respond to review comments, if you have any difficulties or questions, please email and we will help you.

Important! As with all third part applications, the AlarMe must be running in foreground if you need iPod music to wake you up.

What's new

-minor bug fix


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