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TouchMe Alarm

TouchMe Alarm

       iOS Universal

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One of a kind touch enabled Alarm app. Set alarm with just 3 touches. Cool eh?

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Slick! ******
This app is simple and straight forward to use. Nice not to need a manual!

Wake up Happy(er...)!! ******
I'm liking this little app more and more as I use it, erm, more and more. The alarm sounds themselves are good, but I really like the way that there are "fade in" sounds too that play gently for a while before the main alarm goes off. You can create a pleasant soundscape that eases you nicely into the day - which, I hafta say, is a whole lot nicer than my old alarm which fairly blew my eardrums in every morning... :) Check it out!

Excellent app ******
The best clock app I ever used with marvelous new features. It's mandatory for any iPad.

Alarm Clock ******
I don't know what the big deal about this am /pm .... Thing ! Because, what the clock shows / is the real time ! If you can't figure out whether or not it is day or night to start with.... Maybe you shouldn't use any Alarm Clock ! How difficult is it to move the green line hand around to the next morning and set it ? Maybe you need a 24 hour military digital clock !!!

Simple alarm ******
Nothing complicating. Nice app. Would recommend it if you are looking for an alarm clock that is programmable and simple to use this is it.

So it *******
I need to record my pulse on a daily basis and this app is brilliant as it is clear,large and so easy to count with the second hand.

**NOTE: Due to limitation of touch screen you can set alarm in increments of 15 minutes i.e. 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 1:00. If you need to set alarm for certain minutes then download one of our other alarm clock apps.

** ALSO NOTE: When app is off or in the background then we run default alarm sound. If you keep the app running then you will hear the alarm sound that you selected.

* 18+ Alarm ringers to choose from
* 10 different background colors
* Brightness control
* Touch enabled alarm dial. Rotate it to set alarm
* Double tap to start / stop alarm
* Triple tap to show / hide second hand
* Helpful hints provided within the app
* Universal app. Buy it once and run it on all your devices (supports iphone/ipad/itouch)
* Nature Chimes - Sound Scape. Listen to beautiful nature chimes 10 minutes before the alarm goes off OR whenever you want by clicking on the butterfly icon. The app has to be running in foreground for it to work. Nature chimes don't work if app is in background or your device is off

* Nature chimes include
* Birds Chirping
* Waterfall
* Ocean Waves
* Wind Chimes
* Christian Monks
* Thunderstorms
* Rain

NOTE: The butterfly icon is for listening to Nature Chimes before you go to sleep or if you just want to relax. It does NOT control the start or stop of nature chimes before the alarm. The purpose of this icon is so that you can listen to relaxing sound while you have your device docked on your docking station. If you want to disable nature chimes from going off before the alarm then go to the settings page and turn Nature Chimes button to OFF.

1. Launch the app and rotate the green alarm handle slowly over the clock face in clockwise direction.
2. Alarm time is displayed at the bottom of the clock
3. Once desired time is selected then double tap anywhere on the screen. That is it! Alarm is set
5. If you need to stop the alarm then just double tap anywhere on the screen again.

Produced by SimpleGames
If you have any questions or concerns then please visit our support page

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