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Verona Giracittà Audioguide

Verona Giracittà Audioguide

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Duration: Over 3 hours (THREE HOURS)
Number of tracks: 25
Number of images: 90
Includes interactive map & GPS
Language: English

With the cram-packed Giracittà audioguide you will wander through the bustling heart of the city, to see forgotten corners and side streets redolent of times past. The sights and sounds you are rewarded with will leave memories that will last for years to come.
Art, history, culture, local characters both great and small lace the story of the city. The Giracittà audioguide is thoughtfully crafted to give you all this in a way that is light, informative and simply a joy to listen to.
Along the way we have added carefully selected music, adding to the atmosphere of the truly magnificent places you visit.

With the help of the OFFLINE MAP, activated by the button at the base of the video, you can follow the suggested route or move around independently. If you take a wrong turn, just use the GPS function to find your way again.

Giracittà Content:

The Story of Verona
Piazza Bra
Church of San Fermo
Porta Leona
House of Juliet
Piazza Erbe
Piazza dei Signori
Church of Santa Maria Antica
Church of Sant’Anastasia
Via Sottoriva
Roman Theatre
Church of Sant’Eufemia
Porta Borsari
Church of San Lorenzo
Basilica of San Zeno
Around Verona
Shopping in Verona

What's new

new design. Offline Maps with GPS


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