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As a former 48 state Truck Driver that is an expert at computer programming, I decided to make a good Power Nap app for Professional Drivers and for Truck Drivers. This is the good Power Nap app that I made.
This is the app for you if you need to travel somewhere and you need a good Power Nap.


- This app has been designed to be quick and easy to use because sleepy people, that are in a hurry, do not want to mess around with something that is overly complicated.

- This app is convenient to use by following these three easy steps:

1. Select the number of minutes or hours by pressing a button such as the "30 min" button.

2. Press the "On" switch.

3. When finished, press the "Off" switch to stop the countdown.

- You know, when the timer counts down to zero, the alarm tone will sound.



- A full screen GPS map view of your current location.
( If your device does not currently have a GPS signal, it will have a GPS signal when you connect to the internet network or if you connect an external GPS receiver.)

- This version also shows your street address through GPS updates while the Power Nap timer is turned On and you have a GPS signal. You can also see your current city, state, zip code, and country as you are taking a Power Nap. This helps you fill out your logbook faster. This could also be useful at airports, bus stations, and subway stations because you will know your street address and what city you have just arrived in. You could also give a taxi cab your street address with this feature.

- You can keep pressing the snooze button every 3.5 minutes without having to worry about the snooze turning off unexpectedly. This is very useful for those unusually drowsy moments.

- Any "hours" or "min" button can be pressed in place of the snooze button to extend the time lengths of Power Naps.

- You don`t have to be a Truck Driver to Power Nap with TruckPowerNapPro. This app can help you regain energy and alertness today or tonight.

- This app is original and you will not find another app exactly like it.

- TruckPowerNapPro will help you take a quick Power Nap during a busy day. Let TruckPowerNapPro help you recover from stress and tiredness.


- Professional drivers can easily take a 30 minute or 45 minute Power Nap with TruckPowerNapPro.

- If you want to run TruckPowerNapPro with "Auto-Lock" or with the screen locked, now you can in Airplane Mode. Just go to:
"Settings" -> "Airplane Mode" -> "ON."
Then the Power Nap timer will not stop due to an "Auto-Lock" or with the screen locked. ( This is a 3rd party app and most 3rd party apps
are not fully functional when the screen locks. There is nothing that developers can do to change this. )
:) Hey, this app is fully functional when the screen locks, in Airplane mode, though :)
Airplane Mode can increase battery life as well.
GPS services are suspended during Airplane mode.

- note: Continued use of any GPS service running in the background can significantly reduce battery life. Airplane Mode can increase battery life.

- For example: you can take a Power Nap for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours. I like to take 1 hour Power Naps or 4 hour Power Naps when I'm not in a hurry, and 30 minute Power Naps when I'm in a hurry. I also like to take a 15 minute Power Nap while I'm waiting for the trailer to be unloaded or loaded.

- You can split the sleeper berth time with TruckPowerNapLite: 2 hours of sleep + 8 hours of sleep = 10 hours of sleep. 

- Try TruckPowerNapPro tonight or today.

- Many experts agree that sleep is more effective than drinking coffee.

- Power Naps are what helped me have enough energy & alertness to drive more miles and when you are getting paid by the mile as a Professional Driver, each mile counts.

- Try this paid version because it does not have advertisements.

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GPS updates show your current street address.


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