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French-German Phrasebook from Accio

French-German Phrasebook from Accio

       iOS Universal

Hundreds of essential French-German phrases with audio recorded by native speakers.

Use this app on iPhone or iPad to listen to more than 800 words and phrases, recorded by native French and German speakers, with no internet connection required.

• Browse categories or search for specific phrases
• All phrases include audio recorded by native speakers in addition to the text display
• Return to recent searches with history
• Easily switch from French-German to German-French with bidirectional look-up
• Use the volume controls to adjust play volume

Phrase categories include:
• Basic conversational phrases for greetings, invitations, introductions, and weather
• Lodging and restaurants phrases for hotels, cafes, payment, and more
• Emergency and survival phrases
• Time, date, and number vocabulary
• Sightseeing and nightlife phrases for tours, museums, shows and events, and more
• Shopping phrases for buying groceries, clothing, and other supplies
• Transportation and travel phrases for buying tickets, navigating public transportation, and finding shops
• Commonly used verbs, pronouns, and adjectives
• More

This phrasebook is part of a series of language apps by Accio. If you need basic phrases for travel or mastering pronunciation, this is the app for you. We also offer a separate French-German dictionary with more than 50,000 entries, and a pack that includes both apps for one low price. Search for Accio in the App Store to learn more.

Other Accio dictionary and phrasebook apps are available in combinations of Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Please let us know what you think of the app by leaving a review. Telling us what you like about your Accio apps helps us make them even better in future updates.

Accio apps are designed for effortless navigation, created with attention to detail to be simple and satisfying to use.

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What's new

New in 2.0.1
• Now compatible with iOS 5


New in 2.0
We built in a completely new iPad version, and iPhone/iPod touch users get huge design improvements!

Brand new iPad apps include:
• Browse using categories or alphabet tabs, or search to jump straight to the word you need
• Back and forward buttons, as well as history list, to return to recent searches
• All the same features our iPhone users know and love, in an amazing new iPad interface. View search history, search results display as you type, volume adjustments, copy and paste, and more.

Add this app to your iPad to try the brand new version!

iPhone updates include:
• Improved design of phrasebook results
• History displayed on main screen for quick reference
• Phrase categories appear in search results
• Copy and paste into the app
• Improved back buttons to revisit recent searches
• Mute warning and improved volume controls

Thank you for using Accio phrasebooks!

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