ETA - your driving, walking and public transit assistant

ETA - your driving, walking and public transit assistant

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ETA is your personal driving assistant providing you with quick access to travel times and driving directions to all your favourite destinations.

Driving times to your locations are conveniently presented on a single screen with an indication of current traffic alongside. In a tap you're delivered pre-routed, turn-by-turn driving directions in your favourite navigation app.

Travelling by transit? No problems, ETA has you covered. In addition to driving and walking, ETA offers travel time travelling by public transportation (check to see if this feature is available in your area).

ETA is simple to use and provides you with the information you need to navigate your city. It's also a great companion to the navigation apps you've come to love (including Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Navigon, MotionX and CityMapper).

ETA is available as an iPhone app, in the Today view of Notification Centre and on your Apple Watch.

To allow ongoing updating of the Complication for Apple Watch, ETA needs to operate in the background on your iPhone. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

# Reviews #

“[ETA offers] a simpler, faster and generally less cumbersome experience [than maps apps]” - TechCrunch

“The app features a beautifully minimal, elegant design that is top notch.” - AppAdvice

“This app may be simple, but it is invaluable for people like me who regularly travel across highly trafficked areas.” - iDownloadBlog

“It's simple, but it's a really nice way to just glance at travel times without messing around with a maps app.” - Life Hacker

“ETA is an extremely useful app that I will use all the time. It's the kind of thing Apple should build into Maps.” - TUAW

"While many map apps can give you estimates for a current route, none of them let you save locations as conveniently as ETA does." - iMore

# Countries Supported #

To calculate travel time ETA requires Apple Maps support for driving directions in your country. Please check the following list to ensure ETA will work in your area:

To calculate traffic aware travel times ETA requires Apple Maps support for traffic in your country. Please check the following list to ensure traffic is supported in your area:

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What's New

Welcome to version 2.2 of ETA. This update is heavily focused towards improving the ETA experience on Apple Watch.

# Apple Watch Complication #
If you’re using, or looking to use, ETA’s Apple Watch complication ensure you ‘Allow Notifications’ when prompted in the iPhone app. This enables ETA to update travel time data at regular intervals. In conjunction with this also ensure *Location Access* is set to ‘Always’. Don’t own an Apple Watch?Simply set *Location Access* to ‘When In Use’.

# Apple Watch Update #
We’ve rebuilt ETA for Apple Watch from the ground up with a better background update routine. We’ve been reading reviews and emails and we understand that this has been an issue for many in the past. We’re confident this new version fixes these issues!

As an added feature you can now select two locations to display on your favourite watch face. For the most part your primary location will be displayed. When you’re located at this location ETA will automatically switch to your chosen alternate.

# Widget Improvements #
Our widget for Notification Centre has been vastly improved. It’s now faster to load and also allows directions from the lock screen (obviously once you’ve unlocked with TouchID/pincode).

# iPhone app Improvements #
We’ve added support for Nokia HERE maps as an option for directions.

# Added Public Transport/Transit Support #
As Apple rolls out new cities these become available automatically in ETA. For the latest list of supported cities visit:

As always please feel free to email us at or tweet us on Twitter @whatsmyeta with any questions, feedback or issues. Also checkout our new website at!

Until the next update, happy travels!
Anthony & Justin


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