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Borobudur Temple in Magelang Travel - Indonesia

Borobudur Temple in Magelang Travel - Indonesia

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App consists of complete information that a traveler requires when visiting a new place (such as History, Directions Finding, Address, offlinemaps, street views weather information & a lot more…...)

Besides map it also includes more info on Heritage, Culture, Sightseeing, Adventures, Special interests, nearby Attractions, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs & Night Life and to say everything in one word.


1.Universal App & Compatible with ios7.

2.GPS shows your current location on map.

3.Find Direction to your destination.

4.Get instant information from Wikipedia.

5.Have a look at the surrounding with street view.

6.Get weather forecast before you visit.

7.Find your nearest POI from the listed categories.

8.Take Pictures videos & share them with others.

9.Global & interactive maps.

10.Guide with complete information.

App Functionality:

1.HISTORY- Know about the place before visiting.

2. GUIDE- filled with latest updated info like,
-General Information about visiting,
-Culture & Nature,
-Practical Information,
-Getting there & around,
-Nearest Attractions,
-What to See & Do and more.

3.WIKIPEDIA- More information on key topics

4.MAPS- Global & interactive maps

5.OFFLINE MAPS- Added offline map for easy reference in remote areas

6.DIRECTIONS- Find the Route between any two specified locations on map for easy Navigation. (Also shows the shortest route to the destination in various modes)

7.ADDRESS FINDER - Tap anywhere on map to get Location info, Address of Street, City, State & Country.

8.POI SEARCH-Search everything around or within the specified area (search for hotels, malls, banks, ATM, Station, Car…..)

9.WEATHER-Get 5 day’s weather forecast of the place.

10.CAMERA--Capture Favorite Pictures & Videos & Share them with others

11.STREETVIEW-Lets you explore places around the world through 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level imagery. (Note: Street view is not available in afew regions)

12.GALLERY- Interactive & new Interface gallery to view best pictures.

13.ADD UNLIMITED FAVORITES – Add your favorite location, Photo, Description, Date and time of capture for future reference.

14.SHARING-Share your location, pictures, videos, etc... Via Social media or through mails.

Visiting any well-known TRAVEL DESTINATION with our App will definitely delight your voyage.

Your feedback is precious to us! Email us to “”

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