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Backpacker's starter guide by DG Guides

Backpacker's starter guide by DG Guides

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Backpacker's starter guide provides useful tips and tricks for camping, backpacking, picking the right gear, and so much more.

This application has been created as a resource for backpackers from around the world. Its goal is to offer valuable information on every aspect of backpacking, thus making it practically impossible for inexperienced backpackers not to enjoy their journey.

Learn which equipment you should purchase, how to put together a first aid kit, which rules you should stick to, how to camp and how to stay away from dangerous animals.

Backpacking can be a life changing experience, and this app will definitely help you make the most of it.

Here’s a brief description of the guide:

★★★ Gear ★★★
Learn how to dress for a mountain trip no matter the season, how to pack your backpack and how to choose a suitable tent.

★★★ Nutrition and Hydration ★★★
See what are the recommended foods to eat and pack, and what kind of food you should avoid, as well as some very useful hydration tips that will keep you going during your journey.

★★★ Protection ★★★

Learn how to protect yourself from sunburn, rain, cold, wind and snow, and how to protect your knees against swelling.

★★★ Rules ★★★

This guide contains a list of important rules which every backpacker should stick to in order to avoid accidents. You will find rules regarding extreme weather survival, and tips on orientation and weather signs. Last but not least, you will find some useful info on how to train before an expedition.

★★★ Camping ★★★

Choosing the right camping location is no longer a difficult task, as long as you take into account the info provided by the guide. You will learn how to choose the perfect place for camping, and how to organize it.

★★★ Dangerous animals ★★★

Learn how to protect yourself in case you run across dangerous animals or insects. Check the tips provided and be safe!

★★★ Ecology and Hygiene ★★★

Keep in mind that protecting the environment should be one of your top priorities during the trip. Follow the rules and learn how to respect the environment.

★★★ SOS and First Aid ★★★

Find out what your first aid kit should contain, and what to do in case of intoxication, frostbites, mountain sickness, as well as some useful info on CPR, bandaging and transporting injured people. Learn the international SOS rules and symbols and increase your chances of getting rescued in case of an emergency.

Stick to the info provided in this guide and have a safe and pleasant journey!

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