Presidential Sticker Pack

Presidential Sticker Pack

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Love History? Like American Presidents? or, maybe just want to add some power and style to your texts – This unique pack of 50 stickers gets the job done. Send an image of Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan and put a smile on the face of the person who receives it. Send an image of Richard Nixon and you will more emphatically make your point. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or diehard Presidential fan, we have the stickers to add both giggles and gravitas to your iMe ages.

Back@you (Barack Obama)
Back@you (G.W. Bush)
BRB (George Washington)
Cheers (Barack Obama)
Cheers (Ronald Reagan)
CU (Barack Obama)
CU (G.W. Bush)
Deal With It (Bill Clinton)
Deal With It! (Richard Nixon)
DUH (Barack Obama)
FML (Richard Nixon)
FTW (Barack Obama)
FTW (G.W. Bush)
GO FOR IT! (George Bush, Sr.)
IDK (Barack Obama)
IDK (G.W. Bush)
ICYMI (Barack Obama)
IMHO (Barack Obama)
IMHO (G.W. Bush)
JK (Barack Obama)
JK (G.W. Bush)
K (Bill Clinton)
LMAO (Barack Obama)
LOL (Barack Obama)
LOL (G.W. Bush)
NBD (G.W. Bush)
NBD (Jimmy Carter)
NP (Bill Clinton)
NP (Ronald Reagan)
OK (Ronald Reagan)
One More Thing (Barack Obama)
ROFL (Ronald Reagan)
Sunglasses on Abraham Lincoln
Sunglasses on the Presidents at Mt. Rushmore
Sunglasses on George Washington
Thumbs Up (G.W. Bush)
Thumbs Up (Bill Clinton)
Thumbs Up (Barack Obama)
Thumbs Up (Ronald Reagan)
TMI (Ronald Reagan)
WTF (Bill Clinton)
XOXO (Barack Obama)
XOXO (Ronald Reagan)
YES, I SWEAR! (Barack Obama)
YES, I SWEAR! (G.W. Bush)
YO IT’S LIT (Thomas Jefferson)
YOLO (Barack Obama)

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