Charley and Bubu Best Date Company

Charley and Bubu Best Date Company

iOS Universal Stickers

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The world famous Charley and Bubu Best date
Stickers available exclusively in iTunes for iMessage.

You can now express your emotions when you’re messaging in iOS with 40 Charley and Charley and Bubu Best date stickers.

This sticker pack allows you to express many different emotions including:

* Angry
* Bubu Angry
* Bubu chats with Charley
* Bubu shy
* Charley chat with Bubu
* Charley Cry
* Choose a dress
* Cooking
* Congrats
* Dinner
* Dress up
* Driving
* Drunk
* Eating
* Cheer up
* Go Go
* Good job
* Goodnight
* Hello
* Hug
* I love you
* Kiss
* Love
* Doing Makeup
* Massage
* Need Coffee
* Promise
* Ride bicycle
* Schedule
* Send card
* Shelly Carries
* Shock
* Sorry
* Gardening
* Travel
* Vacation time
* Valentine
* Waiting To Chat
* Travel
* What time is it
* Warm

With all these different emotions available you will be able to communicate what your doing with just a tap.

Charley and Bubu Best date is a character brand created by These character designs are intended to be cute and playful. You can find out more at has over 80 thousand stickers and is the first chat sticker search engine allowing you to discover, rate and comment on stickers from iMessage, Line, WeChat and others.

Got an idea for a sticker or want a custom sticker created for your website or business contact us at

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