TacticsBoard Playbook - Coach Your Team Like a Pro (22 sports)

TacticsBoard Playbook - Coach Your Team Like a Pro (22 sports)

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+ Plan and draw your team winning tactics in 22 different sports using TacticsBoard
+ FANTASTIC for your iPhone
+ a best seller application in 43 countries!

+ Suited for coaches, trainers or fans of 22 SPORTS!
+ Do you love NBA, NFL, MLB sports? You will love this app.

We believe that a tool for sports tactics planning has to combine simplicity and power, delivering maximum flexibility to the user.

Using TacticsBoard you can explain your sport tactics drawing lines, adding objects to represent players, balls or explain the plays, as fast as possible. You can add notes, save your plays, send them to the TV output – which is perfect for lectures or creating videos–, and share them as pictures or PDFs with colleagues and friends – everything with autosave, so no play is ever lost.

Even if you are not a coach but love sports or if, for example, your sons are on sports TacticsBoard is also for you.

+ wireless printing (color and black & white);
+ 3 kind of objects you can add to the board: X, O and dummy, with unlimited colors and label identification;
+ 24 BOARDS IN ONE: soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, curling, handball, lacrosse box, lacrosse field, women lacrosse, mini soccer, polo, rugby league, rugby union, shuffleboard, tennis, water polo, gaelic football/hurling, Aussie Rules Football and three plain color backgrounds;
+ 66 team formation presets:
SOCCER FORMATIONS: 3-4-2-1 – 3-4-3 – 3-6-1
4-3-1-2 – 4-3-3 – 4-4-2 – 4-5-1
5-2-2-1 – 5-3-2

46 "fourty six" – Dime Formation – Goal Line Defense
Half-Dollar Formation – Nickel Formation – Quarter-Dollar Formation

Empty Backfield – Flexbone – I-Formation
Pistol – Pro Set "split backs" – Shotgun
Single Wing – T-Formation – Veer Formation
Wildcat – Wing T – Wishbone

BASKETBALL FORMATIONS: 1-3-1 – 1-3-1 Baseline 3
1-4 – 3on3 Scissors – Backdoor – Flex
Man Offense – Motion Offense – Shuffle Offense
Triangle Offense – Zone Offense

HOCKEY FORMATIONS: Australian 2-3-5 – 3-4-3
3-5-2 – 3-6-1 – 4-3-3 – 4-4-2 – 4-5-1
5-3-2 – 5-4-1

VOLLEYBALL FORMATIONS: 3 Player – 4-2 – 5-1
6-1 – U Formation – U Semi-Moon Formation
W Formation – W Down – W Left Slant
W Right Slant – W Shallow – W Shift Left
W Shift Right – W Split


+ MULTIPLE LEVEL UNDO/REDO that works with objects and lines;
+ easy player/object duplication;
+ smooth drawing engine;
+ You can add text notes to diagrams to explain the plays;
+ LOAD AND SAVE your plays or formation presets;
+ MAIL diagrams in PDF or HIGH RESOLUTION pictures to colleagues or friends;
+ Save diagrams as pictures to device's Camera Roll.
+ Search your files by name;
+ Every sport comes with its own ball;
+ Additional balls for generic drawings;
+ Line styles: solid/dashed rough or smooth, with or without arrow tips with unlimited colors;
+ Multi arrow or single arrow lines;
+ ERASER and UNDO to clean lines any time;
+ Board pinch zoom/move;
+ 3D MODE shows your diagrams in perspective, with rotation and scale;
+ AUTOSAVE - all drawings are saved periodically;
+ ADD NUMBERS from 00 to 99 to your diagrams;
+ ADD TEXT BOXES to your diagrams in multiple sizes, colors and transparencies;
+ ADD CONES to your diagrams;
+ ROYALTY FREE DIAGRAMS you can use commercially;

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad version also available.

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* full tested and compatible with iOS 7
* new hi-res icons for iOS 7
* works with any device using iOS 6 and up.
* other minor corrections

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