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- A Must Have App For Cyclist Training -
If you have ever wondered how much pedal force you're exerting in a particular gear, this app is for you.

SimuCycle allows riders to view calculations for gear ratio, pedal force and torque as well as speed, distance, energy, and calories exerted. Configure up to 10 different bicycles by defining crank, wheel sizes along with sprocket teeth for each of the various gears.

Riders can simulate shifting gears and see the results. The answer the questions “should I be in 2-6 gear or 3-3 gear ?” or “What is the pedal force difference of 2-6 when I am going up a 1% grade”.

- Calculates gear ratio, pedal force, torque, speed, distance, energy, and calories exerted AS YOU EDIT.
- Change inputs using adjustors or keyboard entry.
- Define up to 10 different bicycles or use the default.
- Warnings for data entry errors.
- Complete Help and Glossary screens.
- Email result file and data.
- English or Metric Units with forces in Pounds and inches or kilograms and millimeters.

Example: Bicycle 1 is selected with a rider weighing 185 pounds, Front gear 1 and back gear 2, a pedaling cadence of 60 revolutions a minute with a grade of 1% with a workout duration of 60 minutes.

Change any of the parameters by the keyboard or by using the adjuster arrow buttons. Note that as the user changes any entry the calculations change as well. The front gear shows 28 teeth and the back gear shows 23 teeth giving a pedaling ratio of 1.217 revolutions of the wheel for every revolution of the pedal crank. If metric units are the preference, select and convert if necessary.

User assumes all responsibility for application and use. This app should not be used while operating a bicycle!


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