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KartMAX Micro

KartMAX Micro

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KartMAX MICRO Jetting Software is a tool designed for use with the Rotax FR 125 MICRO MAX kart engine.

KartMAX MICRO allows to obtain meteorological data through geolocation if you have internet access, which avoids having to carry a weather station to the racetrack.

Just enter weather conditions and KartMAX Mc proposes theoretical values for the best engine performance.

KartMAX Mc is designed be used in with Dell'Orto Carb standard settings for MAX Challenge:

* 8.5 o 12.5 Venturi inserts
* K98 needle
* 3.6 floats - #60 idle jet - #60 inner idle jet
* 5.2 floats - #30 idle jet - #30 inner idle jet
* 2:100 oil/fuel ratio

Special carburetor config used in Spain & Portugal is also supported.

The purpose of this tool is to recommend a jet, needle position and spark reference, taking in consideration the weather conditions on the racetrack.

To design this software, data has been taken for more than four years at racetracks all over the world in order to develop the best possible algorithm.

This data acquisition has allowed designing a very accurate but really easy to handle software, so it can be used by beginners and expert drivers. Also data and comments for users from all over the world have been taken into consideration.

KartMAX MICRO only supports FR 125 MICRO MAX engines. Max, MiniMax, Junior and DD2 aren't supported in this version.

If you have any problem using this software, please, contact us. We are always trying to improve it.

Carb-Ice Warning

KartMAX Mc incorporates a warning sign of ice formation in the carburetor

Carb-Ice is caused as the carburettor vaporizes fuel. It cools the intake air. If the air temperature drops below dew point, moisture in the air condenses into water droplets. Ice forms near the carb slide and venturi when water touch carb walls that are cold.

In severe cases (high humidity, low temp), ice can block jets, resulting in an unexplained progressive lost of engine power even at temperatures above 25ºC (77ºK). The effect is temporary, so it can not be diagnosed in boxes.

Lap chronograph

Record all your circuits, sessions, drivers and times.

Professional chronograph. Get times up to four drivers at the same time.
Get best times for circuits, sessions, personal times, lap differences, etc.

Share your best results over Twitter or Facebook.

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What's New

- Many bugs fixes and performance improvements.

- Added support for special carburetor config used in Spain & Portugal

- New calculation engine, 25% more accurate in certain circumstances.
- Meteorological data more accurate.
- Select between two carb config:
    * 3.5g floats, 60 idle jet, 60 idle jet inner.
    * 5.2g floats, 30 idle jet, 30 idle jet inner.
- Enhanced contrast for bright environments
- Laps now can last 99 minutes
- Small bugs fixed

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