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iPS Volleyball Stats

iPS Volleyball Stats

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Track the statistics of a individual volleyball player for the current set they are playing. At the end of the set you can publish the statistics to eMail, SMS (Text Messages), Twitter or Facebook for your records. NEW in Ver 1.10 (ATTK = Attack Attempts & ATTK% = Attack Percentage)

Excellent for parents that have children playing club/school Volleyball.


* Touch "+" to increment the counts in a field
* Touch "-" to decrement the counts in a field.
* Customize player name to be included with the postings
* Set the current "Set" being played.
* Send Volleyball statistics via eMail to your friends and family - Press eMail button
* Send Volleyball statistics via Text Message - Press TextMsg button (iPhone with iOS 4.0+)
* Post Volleyball statistics to your Facebook page - Press Facebook button
* Tweet statistics to you Twitter account to update your followers - Press Twitter button
* Customize status heading for Facebook posts - Enter text in the Facebook publish page

iPS Volleyball Stats track the followings player statistics:

K = Kills
E = Errors
ATTK = Attack Attempts

A= Assists

SA = Service Aces
SE = Service Errors
ATT = Service Attempts

RE = Receiving Errors
RA = Reception Attempts

D = Digs

BS = Block Solos
BA = Block Assists
BE = Block Errors

BHE = Ball Handling Errors

ATTK% = Attack Percentage

-Both Text Messages (SMS) and Tweets are limited to 140 characters.
-Descriptions will be abbreviated using the naming system above.

Information on additional apps - Visit

What's new

Added "Attack Attempts" - Any overhead contact of the ball designed to score.

Calculates "Attack Percentage" - Kills minus errors divided by total attacks. Displayed when posting to eMail, Text Msg, Twitter or Facebook.


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