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GoldFinderAUPro details:

GoldFinderAUPro is a virtual gold prospecting App with a dynamic GPS readout.

Features more than 150 annotations of locations
in Australia and Tasmania where gold was
found, and where gold can still be found today.

You could visit these locations in person,
or by using this App.

There are millions of dollars in gold still
to be found.

You can observe the terrain and river features
of these sites where gold has been found.

Zoom in to see the virtual "gold found"
hot spots with a GPS readout at the red

GoldFinderAUPro has red pins for
"gold found" locations.

Your current location is highlighted with
a blue "map pin".

"Loc" button zooms to your current location.

“AU” button zooms to view Australia and Tasmania gold found locations.

"USA" button zooms to the start map view
containing a GPS Calibration Reference Pin.

Touch a "Bar" button to see the locations
in Sat view, or Map view.
Hybrid view is the default view.

A network connections is required.

If you are interested in Australia and Tasmania
gold locations, this is the App for you.

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