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Do you struggle to add up the darts to know what has just been scored? How many times have you stood there unable to do simple maths under pressure? If the answers to these questions are Yes and Lots then this App is for you. Just input what scores have been made and this App will tell you how much was scored. To input the scores just state whether is was a Treble or a Double and the value or just the value. As you input the dart scores the total score is shown. So, to enter Treble 17, Double 9 and Treble 13 takes just 6 button presses with this App - that's less than it takes to use a normal calculator.

The green buttons are all the values that can be scored - the numbers 1 to 20, 25 and 50. At the bottom is a large Red button 'Miss' this is used when you have missed the board.

At the top is an orange button called 'Treble' - press this when a treble has been scored just before the value of the treble. So, if you score Treble 7 then press Treble and then press 7.

Also at the top is a blue button called 'Double' - press this when a double has been scored and then press the value of the double.

Finally, there is a small red button at the top called 'Undo' - press this when you have made a mistake and the last button press will be removed.

At the top, to the left before the equals sign, the various dart scores will be shown. So, you may see T20 + T20 + T20 and this means that you have scored Treble 20 with each dart. On the other side of the equals sign is the score, in this case it will be 180.

Note: You need to press 'Miss' for any dart that does not score. The App cycles around to start a new set of three darts when it has three scores and misses counts as a dart/score.

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