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Arb Of The Day

Arb Of The Day

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"Arb Of The Day" by is a premier free iPhone and iPad application which allows you to get profitable sports betting arbs on the fly and generate risk free profit using the "surebetting arbitrage trading technology" called "sports investing"!


- Get profitable arb alerts in real time for risk free surebetting.
- Calculate the arb on the fly. The App tells you exactly what amount to put and where to make sure no matter what match outcome is you are always in profit
- Place bets inside the App web browser on your iPhone/iPad!
- Get the full Arb History to check out
- Help with details explanation how it works.
- An option to get arb alerts to your email!


The arbs presented in this free version are topped at 2% and not indicative of the full product's arbs that go up to 70(!!)% in gains. (Yes, single arbs!) You can get unlimited arbs and- best of all- UNCAPPED profits with the full version of software.


In order to understand an Arbitrage, you need to first know a little about betting itself. As you may be aware, there are hundreds of sport events that take place around a world on a daily basis. And besides the thrill of the game itself, people love the additional excitement when placing bets on their favorite team or player.

Now, in order to place a bet, you'd have to commit an amount, known as your Stake, through organizations that accept bets known as Bookmakers or Bookies for short. In most games or sporting events, you usually have two teams or players pitting against each other like in a tennis or soccer match. Let's take a simple example. Imagine there are two teams Team A & Team B playing against each other in a basketball match. Now, if you bet on Team A and if Team A wins, then that's great! You get your profit and all's well in the world. But what if Team A lost instead? Then, you lose your stake and i wouldnt be surprised if you'd wish you had placed your bet on Team B instead. IN FACT, You might even try to bet a higher amount or stake on the next match in order to try to recover your loss. Now most experienced bettors know that betting like this is a dangerous road that leads down to bankruptcy. But fortunately for you, you'll never have to worry about LOSING!

What if WE can show you how to place bets in such a way that you NEVER lose your stake at all? EVER! THAT's something which is DEFINITELY achievable through what is known as an Arbitrage or Arb for short. In Arbitrage betting, what you will do is place bets on BOTH teams but with two DIFFERENT bookies. When the odds are just perfect, you WILL win a guaranteed profit irrespective of which team wins!! At 100%percentwinners, our software does the hardwork of finding these arbs for you and all you have to do is follow our recommendations to make GUARANTEED profits every day! In fact, Sports Arbitrages are 100% risk free, so much so to the point that we prefer to call it Sports INVESTING and NOT gambling.

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