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Twuner - The Talking Twitter Client

Twuner - The Talking Twitter Client

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*** Featured on US Television on 12 Aug 2009 on the FOX NEWS show "Happening Now" ***

We believe that Twuner is the first mobile Twitter app to harness the power of Acapela Group's highly advanced text-to-speech engine and add support for audio media playback between the vocalization of tweets, such that you effectively end up with your own "radio station". If you'd like to be impressed by the amazing human-like quality of the voices used in Twuner, please visit Acapela Group's demo site:

Although Twuner can be a lot of fun to use, it was designed mainly to serve as a productivity tool. By automatically fetching the latest tweets and reading them for you, it changes the act of following your favorite Twitter users from being synchronous to asynchronous or from being a "foreground" task to a "background" task.

Furthermore, even if you are not following thousands of other users and therefore not receiving tweets every couple of seconds, you do not need to get bored whilst you are waiting for new tweets to arrive since Twuner allows you to listen to any media (music, podcasts, audio books) stored on your your device and it automatically takes care of pausing and resuming media playback as necessary.


* Listen to either tweets from your own timeline (i.e. tweets from people you follow) or tweets by one of several preset users (some of the most popular/influential members of the Twitter community)

* Support for multiple Twitter accounts

* Listen to tweets mixed with your favorite music, podcasts, or audio books such that you hear your chosen audio media in between tweets

* Choice of American English (female) & British English (male) voices with adjustable rates of speech

* Transcript of all tweets spoken by the app (links mentioned in these tweets are "clickable")

* Inline web browser (so, for example, you can view the photo linked to in a tweet without having to exit the app)

* Automatic refresh of tweets from the selected source at a user-selectable frequency (can be as often as once every 30 seconds)

Some Comments Heard From Users

- "Listening 2 tweets in car. Dwnloaded Twuner on iPhone. Fun -like hearing a crazy news radio station on drive 2 work. Radio now def dead..."

- "Shocked to discover that one of the synthetic voices sounds JUST LIKE ME in real life!"

- "Twuner is pretty cool for twitaholic drivers."

Some Important Notes

* Twuner requires a device that is running iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.

* Twuner can be used for "reading" but not "writing" of tweets since it does speech synthesis but not speech recognition

* Currently, Twuner can only be used for listening to tweets written in English. However, work is currently underway on providing support for other languages.

* Due to the way the OS works, applications that need an internet connection, such as those that deliver streaming audio from internet radio stations, are not able to keep their internet connection for very long after the device goes into "sleep" mode (i.e. screen off) if the device is operating on battery power alone. This, of course, applies to Twuner also. For this reason, to avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you only use Twuner whilst the device is connected to some external sou power rce (i.e. when it is powered by an AC adapter, a car cigarette lighter adapter, or the USB port on your computer).

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What's New

- Fixed status id bug related to Twitpocalypse II (

- Fixed bug related to vocalization of tweets (more specifically, now, the app does not say "HTTP Link" when it encounters an http link in a tweet)

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