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Status Shuffle for Facebook

Status Shuffle for Facebook

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With Status Shuffle, you can choose a status from our huge selection. We have funny statuses, sad statuses, crazy statuses and everything in-between.

You can update your Facebook status right from the app, or store your favorites for later.

Your favorites are automatically synchronized with the Facebook application so you can enjoy them from both your phone and your computer.

For those with a visual impairment, this app is fully accessible using VoiceOver.

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook at

The differences between this version and Status Shuffle Lite are:
∙ There are no limits on the number of times you can shuffle
∙ There are no ads while you shuffle


What's new

* New in v2.7.2

We heard Apple is releasing iOS 8 and it's going to be the best thing EVER. So we thought to ourselves: Let's make sure Status Shuffle works on that baby. I mean, your brand spankin' new iPhone 6+++ is just a brick without a working version of Status Shuffle. Right? Right?

Anyhoo... We released version 2.7.1 which had a whole bunch of fixes for iOS8 and other bugs. But seconds v2.7.1 was released we noticed that we broke it. Really broke it. Topics weren't working anymore. We immediately did our best impression of Homer Simpson (DOH!) and released version 2.7.2 to get those topics working again.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience :(

* New in v2.7 (In case you missed it!)

This world is divided into people who like to swipe, and people who like to tap. We here at Status Shuffle headquarters like to remain neutral in this important debate, so we support both. Alas, while you could tap to move forward, you could never tap to go back. We realized that this is just not fair, and that we needed to do something about that right away. So starting with this version, if you tap on the left side of the status bubble, it will move you back.

We also added the ability to send statuses using Facebook Messenger. Just hit the "Send" button, and if you have Facebook Messenger installed we'll let you send the status to a friend via chat. Just remember: 100% of friends are insulted 100% of the time if you send them an insulting status via chat.

Finally, we realize it smells a little around here. Don't worry: that's just the insect repellent spray we used to get rid of some bugs. Those pesky things just don't get the hint. If you see any we missed, let us know at


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