Crowdfire - for Twitter & Instagram Growth

Crowdfire - for Twitter & Instagram Growth

iOS Universal Social Networking


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Find your unfollowers, followers, inactive users, admirers, people who will follow back and more for Twitter and Instagram!

Schedule posts for Instagram, send automatic direct messages, find twitter users near you - take your social media marketing to the next level.

Total Users: 12 Million and growing rapidly.

Features for Instagram and Twitter
• Non-Followers: See who does not follow you back.
• Fans: See people who you don't follow back.
• Recent Unfollowers and Followers: See who was that person who unfollowed you recently.
• Copy Followers: Very powerful feature to find the perfect people who will follow you back.
• Friend Check: Check the relationship between any two Twitter or Instagram accounts.
• Whitelist and Blacklist: Manage your networks better by adding your followers to one of these.

Power Features for Twitter:
• Automated DMs: Send a welcome message to every new follower - automatically.
• Nearby: Search tweeps by location or keyword.

Power Features for Instagram:
• TakeOff: Schedule photos for Instagram at the best time we suggest for you. Hashtags also suggested smartly to get you more likes and comments.
• Admirers: Interact with your top admirers to increase interactions on your own account several fold.

• TechCrunch: "JustUnfollow Is A Twitter & Instagram Friend Management App You Might Actually Use"

• TheNextWeb: "Manage your follow ratio on Twitter and Instagram with JustUnfollow"

• Business Insider: "JustUnfollow is a great app to figure out who unfollowed you on Twitter or Instagram."

Contact: help[at]crowdfireapp[dot]com

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What's New

Knock Knock.


We’ve done some serious tinkering around with the app and fixed these:

1. Twitter re-authentication error: We handled the s**t out of this one.
2. When there is an error following or unfollowing, we’ll tell you there is an error, not leave you in the metaphorical dark anymore. Promise.
3. When there was an error logging in or adding a new account, you couldn’t see it. Now you can and can let us know what it is. We’ll sort it out for you asap.


Got a few seconds to update the app, then?

(Sure!) - Just FYI, this is you. :wink:

So, go ahead and update.
If you enjoy this build, do review. Thanks! Bye!

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