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Colloquy - IRC Client

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Colloquy for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch puts the power of the most popular IRC client for the Mac in the palm of your hand. Built atop the Chat Core framework, Colloquy Mobile is a full featured client optimized for the on-the-go experience with iOS multitasking support.

Unique Features:
• Support for retina devices, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air.
• Support for iOS multitasking with local notifications.
• Push notifications when using a compatible push bouncer.
• Convenient nickname and emoticon completion popups.
• Support for all the common IRC commands with completion.
• Organized Colloquies view that shows all your conversations and rooms at a glance.
• Highlights messages (and optionally vibrates) when your specific words or nickname is mentioned.
• Highly customizable interface and behavior settings within the Settings application.
• Visual display of user information (WHOIS) for any user.
• Full support for landscape mode in the entire application.
• Stays connected while iPhone is locked and when SMS alerts appear.
• Searchable room member list.
• Support for SASL authentication (required when connecting to Freenode over the cell network.)
• A console for every connection.
• Support for ignoring annoying users.

Standard Features:
• Multiple message styles to choose from.
• Fully compatible with mIRC colors and formatting.
• Large selection of graphical emoticons.
• Allows you to join multiple chat rooms across many different servers.
• Automatic identification with network services (NickServ).
• Notification of common server errors as easy to understand alerts.
• Automatically join rooms and send commands upon connect.
• Solid support for secure connections over SSL and TLS.
• Full support for room and connection text encodings.
• Full IRCv3 compatibility, including the upcoming IRCv3.2 standard.
• Open minded and Open Source, like it should be.

We can't provide support here to people leaving reviews, as much as we want to. We also can't discuss feature requests, since there is no way to reply to you here. If you have a problem or suggestion, please visit us in #colloquy-mobile on, click the support link below, or email us at

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What's New

- Added the ability to save the current chat log. Press the info button in a channel to bring it up!
- Added an option to override Dynamic Type within Colloquy's settings, to support different font sizes than the rest of the system.

- SSL connections now default to port 6697
- Colloquy now prefers SSL when connecting to suggested networks
- The initial connection and subsequent processing of any message history is much faster

- Fixed upper-casing of sentences entered with Siri diction after nick autocomplete.
- Fixed SSL re-connect issues.
- Fixed rare crashes when connecting to networks that required passwords to be sent on join.
- Removed 10 minute backgrounding time option that is rarely accurate.
- Fixed crash on iOS 7 when opening Settings in the app (changing settings in still worked okay).

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