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Bonfyre is a private social communication platform that is creating a new level of employee engagement around events, project teams, employee groups, learning programs and more. This unique focus on human connections is helping organizations leverage existing investments in events (conferences, meetings, incentive trips) and employee engagement programs - leading to more actionable intelligence, productivity and revenue.

Events are about people connecting… shouldn’t your event app be too?

• Improve the event experience: Bonfyre provides easy access to information people need without de-prioritizing interaction. Event professionals can create personalized agendas, maps, itineraries, speaker bios, sponsor content and more.

• Enhance guest engagement: With a design that is immediately familiar and advanced engagement features (pop surveys, scavenger hunts, networking tools, trivia, interactive maps and more) Bonfyre delivers engagement you did not think was possible.

• Easier to manage: Access a host of tools and options to customize your event experience, manage your content and analyze your data. With a few clicks export photos, launch a survey, search content, change alert options and more

• Actionable data and intelligence: Bonfyre high level of engagement also makes it an indispensable intelligence platform to measure real time activity, engagement and sentiment

With a simple interface, (immediately familiar to any audience), combined with turnkey features, Bonfyre can create event engagement you did not think was possible. Get started today!

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What's New

I asked my slightly more green than blue beta fish what I should put in these release notes, but alas poor Harvey was not terribly helpful, so I'll have to muster the courage to toil through on my own.

This rather large release includes the regularly scheduled bug fixes, with a forecast for a slight chance of performance improvements. More seriously, the biggest changes were to the Invite screen, which has been re-designed to make it easier to invite friends and new users to your bonfyre. It also sports a better search, which makes it easier to invite people you have a connection to but aren't yet friends with. We think it's pretty grand, but let us know if you disagree.

The other fun change is that you can now upload 15 seconds of video. That's 40% more seconds! We've also made it a little easier to see on bigger screens, not that they needed much help, but you know how every little bit counts.

After that, the list of changes becomes a bit less exciting, with fixes for highlighting issues (email and @mentions), improvements to the sign up process, corrections around video playback, rare issues with premium features, and the list goes on. After a while, the jargon just sounds like we're making up things so the boss thinks what we're doing is actually work. But between you and me, it's sometimes really just a code name for ping pong.

If you've been troubled or confused by something in Bonfyre, we'd love to hear about it. Or if you have questions, thoughts, concerns, or gossipy tidbits, send us an email at and let us know!


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