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Bonfyre isn't just a handsome, fun messaging app for friends and family... It's practically ridiculous how much more it can be, like waking up finding all your shoes have turned into bowls of jello. Seriously, it’s that ridiculous.

Bonfyre is a group connecting super tool that gives you the power to control your social circles, share photos and videos with only the people you want, tell stories through the raw power of imagination, and make you feel like a better person (maybe).

Use it for replacing group texting, planning weddings, connecting at conferences, re-living birthday parties, organizing the fight against evil, or even the classic everyday discussion of where to go for lunch. Heck, even a diary no one else will ever see. It's all up to you. Private, comfortable, accessible chatting.

Imagine worry free video and picture sharing: no polluted feeds, no stalkers, no trust issues. You know who you're talking to, and only they will ever see what you post. Bonfyre creates a private vault around your experiences - the only content you see is from the bonfyres you participate in. It's like a digital fireproof safe, inside a whole second safe, disguised as an inconspicuous box of milk, all for organizing and protecting your shared moments.

And Bonfyre works in the professional scene just as smoothly as the personal. (Is suavely a word?) If you're hosting an event or aiming to add a social ingredient to your company culture, we have a treat for you. The Bonfyre app has plenty of upgrades and customization aspects for you, including content management and moderation, surveys and announcements, custom branding, and many ways to make your event “paperless”. If this sounds as intriguing as, say, a giant Christmas gift with your name on it, let us put on our business suits and contact us at to find out what more we can do for you.

What's new

This version of Bonfyre was sent to Apple on a Friday, and like all good things on a Friday, it's full of hope and promise and rejoicing. Not terribly unlike the coming of spring, in fact.

This version includes more of the classic bug fixes and stability improvements we always endeavor to do, as well as a multitude of improvements to our Agenda feature. Haven't seen an Agenda before? Feel free to contact us at to learn how you can add an Agenda to your own bonfyre.

We've also fixed several issues reported by our users, such as those with playing YouTube videos from a custom button card on the More screen, issues with finding friends via Facebook, support for low connectivity scenarios, and fried an egg. That last one was for breakfast. Friday breakfast, also known as the best kind of breakfast. Mmm...

Know of issues, problems, areas of friction, or general sassiness? Let us know at!


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