BAND - Discover, Share, Chat

BAND - Discover, Share, Chat

iOS Universal Social Networking

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Connect and Interact with a worldwide Audience of over 50 million users by a safe, easy and DEPENDABLE channel – BAND. Members can utilize group polling, events, calendar, file sharing, and photo albums. Discover topics that you are passionate about and engage in conversations with like-minded people. BAND is available for mobile and desktop (, allowing you easy access whenever and wherever you want.


DISCREET INTERACTION - BAND offers all the collaboration tools necessary in order to trim down and improve communication at your organizations or even at your work places. One can easily create BAND groups that foster teamwork and interaction. Additionally, with created BANDs, you can easily reach, align and engage with members and improve outcome.

YOUR HOME BASE – Create a home for your community on BAND. You can become an admin or a group leader of your group, customizing the appearance to suit your Band’s identity, and sharing what matters most to your community. Make it your own!

DISCOVER NEW TOPICS AND PEOPLE - Band has communities for everyone. BAND allows people to form interactive groups around shared interests, where by gamers can find tips and strategize, whether you're new in town and interested in hearing what foodies have to say about a local restaurant – Band is the place for you. Talk about the latest issue of your favorite fashion magazine or last night’s sports game, share hilarious MEMEs and find people with the same interest and have fun. Find what you like on our Discover page, join in the conversation!

SHARE EVERYTHING – The home-base for your Band allows members to keep up with different members’ activity or share their own. Each member can post and organize photos, videos, gifs, PDFs, location, and files from Dropbox or Google Drive into your Band homepage. This is the place for sharing, venting and communicating and the best part is, all this gets saved on our Cloud! No more hassles about phone memory organization!

EASY CONSENSUS – No more endless discussions, going back and forth between different opinions. Use Band’s polling feature to make sure every member’s opinion counts. Create polls to let members vote on options for events, merchandise, personal decisions etc. The polls can be set to anonymous or public and lets you easily track how many members prefer specific options.

CHAT WITH ANYONE - Have an instant chat with all the members of your Band, a select few or one-on-one. You can share photos, voice messages, and stickers while chatting.

PLAN EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES – Want to create a meetup? Use the calendar! Anyone can create an event in a Band’s calendar and ask other members to RSVP to that specific time and date.

Oh, did we mention that all of these awesome features are FREE? No pricing model ever. All you need to do is download and start socializing.

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What's New

Version 5.3.7
Minor bugs fixed

Version 5.3.0
In this new update you'll notice:
Shortcut Menu - Access the Album, Calendar, Member list, and Settings in just one tap.
Member Count - How big is the Band? Now, Band member counts are shown directly on the Band main page.
Suggested Tags - They're at the top, use them! They'll help you find exact content you're looking for.
Notices - Notices are now a little bigger, better, and in your face so you can stay in the loop.
Chatrooms - To point out a specific member in a chat, now you can use tag members by @.

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