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Trigonometry by WAGmob

Trigonometry by WAGmob

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WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Trigonometry".

The app provides snack sized chapters for easy learning.

Designed for both students and adults.

This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Trigonometry by following snack sized chapters:

•Introduction to Trigonometry.
•Triangle Properties: Similar Triangles.
•Solving the Height Problem (Using Similar Triangles).
•Angles and Rotation.
•Measuring Angles.
•360 Degree Angle.
•90 Degree Angle.
•180 Degree Angle.
•One Radian.
•Angles in the Coordinate Plane.
•Types of Angles.

Solving Right Triangles
•Right Triangle.
•Pythagorean Theorem and its Proof.
•Trigonometry functions.
•Techniques for Solving Right Triangle.
•Co-functions of Complementary angles are equal.

Triangle Formulae
•Law of Sines.
•Law of Cosines.
•Area Formula.
•Area of a Triangle.
•Oblique Triangles.
•Solve Triangle Using SAA Property.
•Solve Triangle Using ASA Property.

•Type of Functions.
•Inverse of Function.
•Functions Defined by Rules.
•Graph of a Function.
•Vertical and Horizontal Line Test.
•Even Functions.
•Odd Functions.
•Increasing and Decreasing Functions.
•Local Maximum, Local Minimum.

Trigonometric Functions
•Unit Circle.
•Trigonometric Functions Based on the Unit Circle.
•Sign of Trigonometric Functions.
•Trigonometric Ratios.
•Trigonometric Ratios of Compound Angles.
•Generalized form of T-Ratios.

Graphing Trigonometric Functions
•Graph of the Sine Function.
•Characteristics of the Sine Function.
•Graph of the Cosine Function.
•Characteristics of the Cosine Function.
•Graph of the Tangent Function.
•Characteristics of the Tangent Function.
•Graph of the Cosecant Function.
•Characteristics of the Cosecant Function.
•Graph of the Secant Function.
•Characteristics of the Secant Function.
•Graph of the Co-tangent Function.
•Characteristics of the Co-tangent Function.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions
•Finding the Inverse of a Function.

Trigonometric Equations
•Trigonometric Equations.
•General Solution.
•Various Methods.
•Solution of Equations by Factoring.
•Solution of Equations Reducible To Quadratic Equations.
•Solution of Homogeneous Equations.
•By introducing an Auxiliary Argument.
•By Using Formulas for Lowering Degree.
•Solving Equations with the Use of Half Angle Formulas.
•Some Basic Solutions.

Trigonometric Identity
•Trigonometric Identity.
•Pythagorean Identities.
•Angle Sum and Difference Identities.
•Double Angle Identities.
•Triple Angle Identities.
•Reciprocal Identities.
•Quotient Identities.
•Co-function Identities.
•Product to Sum Identities.
•Sum to Product Identities.
•Half Angle Identities.
•Straight Line.
•Angle between Two Lines.

Hyperbolic Functions
•Hyperbolic Functions Definition.
•Hyperbolic Function.
•Domain and Range of Hyperbolic Functions.
•Graphs of the Hyperbolic Functions.

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