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Introduction to Patent, Trademark and Copyright by WAGmob

Introduction to Patent, Trademark and Copyright by WAGmob

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WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Patent, Trademark & Copyright".

The app provides snack sized chapters for easy learning.

Designed for both students and adults.

This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Patent, Trademark & Copyright by following snack sized chapters:

Intellectual Property
•Intellectual Property (IP)
•Example of IP
•Different Types of Intellectual Property
•How to Protect IP?
•Trade Secrets
•Why Patent?
•Patent Application
•Patent Filing Bars
•US and International Patents

•How do I Obtain Copyright?
•What can be Copyrighted?
•What cannot be Copyrighted?
•What Rights do Copyright Holders Have?
•Copyright is Automatic
•Public Domain
•Fair Use
•Copyright Alternatives
•Who can Claim Copyright?
•How long does a Copyright’s Protection Endure?
•Copyrights Registration
•Enforcing Copyright
•Winning Court Case

•Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents
•Three Trademark Requirements
•Purposes of Trademark
•Service Mark
•Examples of Trademark
•Trademark Infringement
•Trademark Dilution
•TM, SM and ® Symbols
•Trademark Search
•Trademark Policies are Designed to:
•Filing a Trademark Application
•Trademark Tests

Difference between Copyrights and Trademarks
•What is a Copyright?
•What Works are Protected?
•What Work are Not Protected?
•What is a Trademark?
•Types of Protected Marks
•Types of Trademarks
•Types of Trademark Protection in the US
•Federal Registration of a Trademark
•Registration may be Applied to:
•Applications may be Filed Based on:
•Copyright, Trademarks and Patent
•The Differences

•Intellectual Property
•What can be Patented?
•What cannot be Patented?
•Novelty Requirements
•Patent Disclosure Requirements
•Type of Patents
•Kind of Patents
•Patent Rights
•International Patents
•Public Disclosure
•Loss of Patent Rights
•Conditions for Patent
•Patent Timing
•US Patent Costs

Patent Documentation
•Patent Documentation (Software Patent)
•Step 1: Determine the Techniques that are Patentable
•Step 2: Prior-Art (is it Novel and Non-Obvious)
•Step 3: Details of the Invention
•Step 4: Claims of the Invention

Patent Process
•Steps in the Patenting Process
•Step 1: Answer the Questions Below
•Step 2: Answer the Questions Below About Your “Idea”
•Step 3: Has the “Idea” Already been Patented?
•Step 4: What Type of Patent do I Need?
•Step 5: US Protection or International Protection?
•Step 6: What Type of US Patent Protection do You Need?
•Step 7: Consider Expedited Examination
•Step 8: Who Should File?
•Step 9: Prepare for Electronic Filing
•Step 10: Check Application Status
•Step 11: Pay Issue Fee and the Publication Fee

History of the Patent Law
•U.S. Patent History
•US Patent System

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