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Neungyule Korean-English Dictionary

Neungyule Korean-English Dictionary

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Number one in customer satisfaction! Korea's best-selling dictionary, both on- and off-line! The Neungyule Korean-English Dictionary also won the Grand Prize in the Dictionary Category of the 7th Korean Education Industry Awards and is now available as an iPhone/iPod Touch Application. This dictionary offers content and features not found in any other Korean-English dictionary, and in book form has earned the praises of a multitude of happy users. The Touch Application version provides a full range of search and study functions.

Content and Features of the Dictionary
- Headwords were selected on the basis of a scientific analysis of which vocabulary items Koreans use the most, and new terminology was included.
- Awkward expressions commonly found in other dictionaries were corrected to present accurate, natural-sounding English as it is used by native speakers.
- The main entries are accompanied by a side column of supplementary materials for convenient searching and study.
- Abundant real-life examples are given that can be put to immediate, practical use.
- All common collocations needed for written composition and conversation are given.
- Information about syntax and sentence structure is given in the entries for the most important words, helping the learner reduce errors in composition and conversation.
- Common errors committed by Koreans in English composition and conversation are clearly explained.
- Differences in nuance between words of similar meaning are explained, helping the learner achieve a more accurate command of English.
- Many dialogues are given that show how the example sentences and expressions can be put to actual use.
- Many equivalents of Korean sayings are given as well as expressions needed to explain aspects of Korean culture.
- Clever illustrations aid the learner's understanding and make study more fun.

Program Features
- A summary view of entries and their English equivalents is given.
- With one click, the side column of supplementary materials can be viewed on the same screen with the main entry.
- Links within entries allow the user to easily jump to related words.
- The user can enter English or Korean words to find all examples that include them.
- Bookmarks and a history function are supported.

What's new

fixed a bug: nav bar disappeared after searching on some occcassions


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