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Midori (Japanese Dictionary)

Midori (Japanese Dictionary)

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Midori is a Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionary app. It's the most powerful dictionary and a perfect tool for those who are studying Japanese, with 890,000 entries, 150,000 example sentences, and many features that will make your Japanese learning experience much easier.


• More than 170,000 word entries. Each entry shows a reading, a meaning, and a kanji breakdown.

• Example sentences with furigana (small hiragana above kanji).

• Words in example sentences are linked to the definitions.

• More than 12,000 kanji. Each kanji shows a reading, a meaning, and example compounds.

• Over 6,000 kanji with stroke order diagrams and stroke order animations.

• Over 720,000 Japanese proper names, place names, surnames, given names, company names and product names.


• Search by kana, romaji, or combination of both, such as あき, aki, or aき

• Search by handwriting using real Japanese handwriting recognition

• Search by kanji radicals, e.g. 禾 + 火 → 秋

• Search suggestion when the input is in a conjugated form, e.g. 走った → 走る

• Search with wildcard characters, e.g. 日*人 returns all words that start with 日 and end with 人

• Partial results when the full word is not found, e.g. searching for 青い本 returns the results for 青い and 本

• Fast incremental search gives you the result instantly as you type


• List of kanji as taught in Japanese schools from grade 1 to 6

• List of kanji by frequency as appeared in Japanese newspapers

• List of kanji and words by Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) levels

• Lists of hiragana and katakana, each with stroke diagram and animation

• Bookmarks with folders support. You can export, import, or share bookmarks with your friends.


• Flashcards for bookmarked words and kanji with spaced repetition system

• Speech synthesis for example sentences

• Create a vocabulary list with definitions from Japanese text in one tap

• Scratch Paper for practicing writing kanji on iPad

• No internet connection required

• Universal app. Buy it once, run on all your iOS devices, whether it's iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

• Native support for iOS 7

Please visit our website at to learn more about the app and see more screenshots. If you have any questions, please let us know via email at or Twitter @MidoriApp. We'd highly appreciate your feedback!



We value our customers' satisfaction and don't want you to make a wrong purchase. Please read the following notes before buying the app.

• The handwriting recognition requires correct stroke order, though it allows a few incorrect strokes for some kanji.

• The app shows pronunciations in hiragana, not romaji. Do not buy this app if you can't read hiragana.


This application has included material from the JMdict (EDICT, etc.) dictionary files in accordance with the licence provisions of the Electronic Dictionaries Research Group. See

What's new

- Add example sentences to bookmarks
- Word origins for loanwords. For example, the entry for アルバイト now shows the German origin 'Arbeit'
- Pronunciation for any numbers with counters, e.g. 8冊 (はっさつ)
- Option to change the app's tint color (in Settings > Midori > Theme)
- Tap 'Search' on the bottom bar to clear the search bar and bring up the keyboard, even on the search screen.
- Lists of words by part of speech
- Updated database (over 400 new entries)
- Use the regular Helvetica Neue font to be consistent with iOS 7.1
- Bug fixes and speed improvement, including smaller executable size


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