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lucky hand

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Hey, what troubles? bad test ? no happy? Love over? How about tomorrow, so bad like today, too? Now what you need to do is just moving your finger to open the lucky pointer, look at where your luck . Destiny in their own hands. Perhaps the choice of this moment will change the fate of your next moment.
The lucky pointer is a product jointly developed by friends from the different studios in the world.,and they Commissioned me to publish in the appstore. Through these efforts, they ultimately simplify the complex calculations and display, using only a compass and symbol combination of methods to express a variety of good fortune where the position, so that a simple, direct and powerful. And they told me a fact, do the same thing, sometimes smooth, sometimes it fails, because every moment is not the same luck.So they added a lucky light, golden means good luck on your side, black means bad luck on your side. In addition, they made ​​reference to the popular kinds of books, selected may bring good luck words, numbers and letters. In short, they use their efforts to make this product, I believe it was fate.

Different choice,different result.
Some people are the Lucky Star, with good thing coming one after another. But,others no.So, now use the lucky pointer , to become one of the Lucky Star.

It's easy to use, including pointers, Lucky light and lucky words.To combine three different tips to make a comprehensive judgment.

For example, you just got off work, now use the lucky pointer, you choose the direction of love pointer, compass issued by the golden light, the key words "family". You along the direction of the love pointer, found a store, then you make a choice. you into the store to buy a commodity as a gift. Go home and give your family a gift, unexpected good things continue to come. Your family will make you happy, work promotion messages from home phone, came of a long time did not pass the application, suddenly sent a "through" e-mails to your home computer.The pointer of the Magical follow the God will.

Love pointer
You are walking on a road, now use the lucky pointer, you want love, you find a bar along the direction of the heart-shaped pointer, then what are you waiting, perhaps a beautiful love story will soon occur?
Money pointer
you are waiting for the car, you want money,now use the lucky pointer, follow the direction of the money pointer, you found a subway entrance in this direction, you re-select the subway , on the stairs, you found a wallet, very good. of course, you can also choose to return it to the master, then You are blessed, I am in favor of such an act, I believe that every right choice will produce good results for you.
Smile pointer
You have trouble at work. now use the lucky pointer , follow the direction of the smile pointer, you may see a colleague and you can ask him for help; perhaps you may see the leadership, then you should take the initiative to communicate to get the job done; perhaps you may see a picture , you must konw what that means.
Lucky light
Sometimes good luck at your side, and sometimes bad luck on your side, sometimes both out. The light of the function is to give you tips. Good luck coming, will issue a golden light; Bad luck coming ,will issue a black light; No luck no light.
Lucky words
Including numbers, letters and key words, these will give you some tips you want to think about , and to make the right choice.

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