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A book about Unveiling the Secrets of Orders and Prohibitions from God.

Written by AlHabib Muhdhor bin Ahmad Assegaf.


1. Al-Qur'an al-Karim, Translation Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic of Indonesia.
2. Ihya Ulumuddin, Al-Imam Ghazali.
3. Kashful Ghummah, Al-Imam al-Quthub Abdul Wahhab Sya'rani.
4. Az-Zawajir, Imam Al-Hafizh Ibnu Hajr al-Haetsami
5. At-Targhib wa targhib, Imam al-Hafizh Abdul al-'Azhim al-Mundziri.
6. Shohihul Bukhori, Al-Imam Ibnu Abdullah Muhammad al-Bukhori.
7. Shohihul Muslim, al-Imam Muslim son of al-Hajjaj al-Qusyairi.
8. Sunan Abi Dawud, Al-Imam Abi dawud Al-Azdi.
9. Sunan At-Turmudzi, Al-Imam Abi 'Isa Muhammad At-Turmudzi.
10. Sunan Ibnu Majah, Al-Imam Abi Abdillah Ibnu Majah al-Quzweni and others.

Available in two languages, English (Inggris) and Indonesian (Indonesia) that you can switch under the Options menu.

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- Language can be changed instantly from English to Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa.
- Fixed toolbar compatibility issues on iOS 8 and latest when device is rotated.
- iOS 8 compliant.

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