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Atoms -- Mysterious particles that make up everything known to man. These particles are said to be made up of smaller particles. These smaller particles -- protons, neutrons, electrons -- are very mysterious by nature. Furthermore, none of these particles have actually been seen, only their presence has been detected. iAtom is a simulation of how an atom has been hypothesized to look. It shows the isotopes, positively charged and negatively charged forms of the first 21 elements. The user puts the protons and neutrons where they want. The electrons will subsequently go to their allocated locations when the user tells them to. iAtom is designed mainly as a reference for individuals beginning to learn about quantum mechanics. This visual aid is unlike complicated quantum mechanical models and can be related to much easier.

+ User- defined location of the nucleus of the atom
+ The first 21 elements can all be created
+ S, P, and D orbitals all prominent
+ Different colored subatomic particles
+ 3D graphics made with CAD software
+ Written electron configuration of the element
+ Displays element name
+ Displays the number of each subatomic particl
+ Displays atomic mass
+ Updates with new features upon user request (just send us an email with what you would like)

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